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SIC vol.50 Masked Rider Kiva issues

Baru dapet info baru nih dari SIC vol.50 Masked Rider Kiva yang sebelum nya telah saya bahas di blog ini, buat yang belum sempat membaca nya ato sekedar ingin melihat lagi, silahkan klik ke sini...Jadwal perilisan yang direncanakan Bandai adalah bulan Agustus minggu ke-4. Untuk harga, website resmi SIC memberi Label harga retail Y4725.

Sejauh ini yang didapat dalam paket SIC vol.50 ini adalah:

- 1 Body Kiva, Kivat form armor
- 2 buah Kivat, yang satu sayapnya lagi kebuka, yang satu untuk dipasang dibelt

- 1 buah biola
- 8 buah peluit
- Kaki cadangan dimana Hell's Gate sedang terbuka untuk di pose Rider Kick

Menurut rumor yang beredar ada perbedaan antara Japan version dengan Asian version, dimana Asian version konon mendapatkan 1 buah kivat tambahan...,aku harus dapet bonus itu T-T... info ini saya dapatkan dari JapanFreakz

Award from Wahyu

halloooo bloggers,,,
maap dah beberapa hari ini ga sempet posting dikarenakan banyak urusan yang tidak terlalu penting tapi di haruskan untuk menghadirinya dan mengayominya....walahhh ngaco aja aku ^^v.. kepada para sobat bloggers yang senantiasa berkunjung kemari, saya sangat berterimakasih dan mohon untuk menunggu kehadiran saya di blog sobat2 sekalian hehehehe... Saatnya posting award nih, tapi sebelum itu mo nampang photo dari SIC vol.40 Masked Rider Agito & Machine Tornado...

coba lebih di teliti lagi tuh, bener - bener edan yg ngambil poto ini. Berasa asli banget tuh, padahal ukuran figure ini ga lebih dari 20cm aja... salut dah hehehe..Klik gambar untuk ukuran aslinya

okeh, kita beralih ke award lagi nih,,, award The Best Friends Blog ini telah saya terima dari sobat kita Wahyu - Mendengarkan Wahyu blog. Saya sangat berterima kasih kepada Wahyu yg telah memberikan award yg indah ini padahal kita belum lama menjalin pertemanan di dunia blog ^^... tanpa panjang lebar lagi, langsung saja saya tampilkan award nya...

yupps...dengan ini berakhir sudah pekerjaan saya walaupun pe er award ini sudah hampir 2 minggu saya terima tapi baru bisa di kerjakan sekarang. hohoho.. Award ini saya berikan kepada sobat bloggers yang selalu setia mengunjungi blog ini ^^...

Solid Snake - Tiger Stripe Camouflage

Have you ever played Metal Gear Solid series ? If you did, this figure would be best for you. Because the real Snake comes to 12 inch figure. It has many articulation to pose it like his act in the game. Taken from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, this figure is damn hot ^^>..

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the outstanding RAH figures of Medicom Toy Corporation. These fully articulated 1:6 scale figures are of the highest quality and detail, ready to take life on your shelf in any dynamic pose that you desire, capable of nearly any pose that the human body can achieve. From the acclaimed Metal Gear Solid video game series comes the RAH Solid Snake - Tiger Stripe Camouflage Version, an amazing addition to any display.

Solid Snake is combination spy, special agent, and mercenary. Working for special ops units FOXHOUND and Philanthropy, he must disarm and destroy Metal Gear, a nuclear mecha that returns time and time again in various destructive forms. Armed only with his wit and the weapons he acquires along the way, Solid Snake carries a hefty burden as he saves the world from nuclear annihilation in the Metal Gear Solid video game series.

Credit by Sideshow Collectibles

Super Figure Art Collection Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Son Goku

Yeah! I'm back with a great PVC figure to share with you. This is one of the most coolest items that you must have actually, This figure is already released on June 10th, 2009. It is kinda a late news but it is oke since this items still available on this month. I hope you enjoy this few article. ^^

Medicos Entertainment makes a very good Dragon Ball figure here, with the settings when Son goku rage over the death of Kuririn and make it the first time Super Saiya he ever did. It is used against Freeza on the planet namec. What a great detail they had on the muscle and the face itself.

Highest overall 230mm or 23cm, with price at Y8800 (Rp 1,000,000) . Made from PVC material, ABS.

On June 17th, the goods are ready stock at Japanfreakz, so do not hesitant to long if you want this hot statue with you ^^.

Final Fantasy XIII Issue

Final Fantasy will never die! Although the game has not been released, but many people already waiting for this stuff, including the merchandise and absolutely the Toys also, this far the information what will comes up is :

- Playart Lighting
- Playart Snow
- Playart Vanille
- Playart Kai
- Playart Shiva motorcycle
- And some stuff (pendant, ring, etc)

The most important thing is Playart Shiva motorcycle, because it can transform from the summon beast into motor! cool huh ~ XD.

There have been no information how Square Enix will be giving a price, the possibility is around Y9800 ~ Y12800. And the most scaried is, those Playart Shiva Motorcycles will comes up into LIMITED items, only hopefully not ~, probably it will release around December 2009, the same time with Final Fantasy XIII released, we wait for the further info.

by JapanFreakz

Slipknot Set to Release a New Album in 2010

Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn says the band’s new album is likely to come out in 2010, although he refused to confirm how many tracks it will contain. The sticks man with the long wobbly nose was talking ahead of the group’s debut Sonisphere show in the Netherlands.

Although he’s nursing a suspected broken hand he was determined to play through the pain and inspire a Dutch crowd that has steadily grown throughout the day.

“I lost a stick at a show and got a bit mad about it,” he explained, before admitting that European crowds are tougher as, “in Europe you can’t shock as easily as you can in the US”. Nonetheless, he loves playing in Europe. “It’s amazing to play somewhere like Serbia where people might have been waiting 10 years since they were kids to see you live”

It is still unclear whether Slipknot’s fifth studio album will be their last as is rumoured.

Credit by Opium of The People

Award from Yak

Wuuihhh...tambah hari Palembang tambah panas uii...mutung dah gwa ^^>... eh pas banget nih, mumpung masih anget2 nya... Setelah posting terakhirku tentang Om Kotaro Minami yang di Peranin Tetsuo Murata, ini ada poto nya di masa kini... kebayang kan kapan tuh pilem pernah tayang...tapi Alhamdulillah si Om masih sehat2 saja lhoo... Dan jg jaket kebangsaannya masih ada hihihihi tidak lupa dengan sarung tangan yg selalu menemaninya di saat mengendarai motor ato pun untuk pose biar keren weeheheheh,,,,ga pake lama...Si Om mau menyapa para penggemarnya...

Yup dah cukup pemanasannya, dah saatnya ngerjain pe er Award dari sobat kita Yak - My Simple World. wehhhehehe jadi terharu nih dah di berikan award yg indah ini ^^...

yoooii...kayaknya hanya award doank yg kuterima, tidak ada hukum tertulis yg berlaku tentang award ini. Maka dari itu Award yg indah ini akan saya berikan kepada para sobat bloggers yg selalu setia mengunjungin Blog ku ini...banyak2 terima kasih saya berikan kepada Yak untuk award ini....Lanjutkan (^o^)

Ghost Rider on Throne

Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Comics are proud to present the Ghost Rider on Throne Comiquette! Straight from the cover of the Ghost Rider Finale #94, this expertly sculpted Comiquette depicts Ghost Rider as the ruler of the Nether Realm. Cast in high-quality polystone, hand finished and hand painted to exacting standards, the Ghost Rider on Throne Comiquette is a museum quality piece, ready to take a place of honor in your own hall of heroes.

Over the years, many have taken on the mantle of the Ghost Rider, a supernatural spirit of vengeance that roams the night, setting right the wrongs of the earth and punishing those who prey upon the innocent, human and undead alike. The Kale Curse, as some have called the Ghost Rider spirit, is carried by the descendants of Noble Kale, the first known Ghost Rider who rode in the eighteenth century. The firstborn of every generation must bear this mystical curse and the feud between Ghost Rider and the Dark Lords.

His attempts to thwart the spirits of the Dark Lords have earned Ghost Rider many enemies over the years, particularly the ruler of Hell, Blackheart. Blackheart has set his sights on corrupting Ghost Rider, but his resolve remains strong until the right stakes are played. Blackheart offers Ghost Rider the irresistible bargain to free his relatives of the family curse. To earn this freedom, Ghost Rider must lead Blackheart's Spirits of Vengeance. For a time, the agreement is settled but the two would ultimately clash in a battle that would banish Blackheart from Hell and leave Ghost Rider on the throne of the Nether Realm.

DarkFigures and Marvel Comics are proud to present the Ghost Rider on Throne Comiquette!

* Straight from the cover of the Ghost Rider Finale #94
* Expertly sculpted Comiquette depicts Ghost Rider as the ruler of the Nether Realm
* Cast in high-quality polystone
* Hand finished
* Hand painted to exacting standards,
* Ghost Rider on Throne Comiquette is a museum quality piece
* Ready to take a place of honor in your own hall of heroes

credit by Sideshow Collectibles

RAH Kotaro Minami

Good afternoon everyone...Just back again with some hot information 'bout RAH ( Real Action Heroes). This is dedicated for all the Masked Rider fans out there. Please let me share some pics of the upcoming 1/6 RAH Kotaro Minami from Masked Rider Black RX. Still remember with this guy? It will bring up some memoriez ^^v..

This will be a Medicom ticket item, preordered by typing in the serial number from the ticket that will come with the upcoming RAH Masked Rider Black RX. This is a fantastic representation of Kotaro Minami played by Tetsuo Kurata, the details in the headsculpt and clothing is typical of Medicom's attention to detail.

Actually I didn't understand the Japanese language, so I just write it a little bit only. hopes you enjoy not only the pictures but also the articles too...Well let see what this guy can do, and here it is. he can do all pose as the real one did. what an awesome figures ^^>...

Wonderful news! 12 inches action figure of Minami Kotaro, human form of Masked Rider Black and RX. A sculpt of Tetsuo Kurata by Medicom. Pre-order releasing in July 2009. Condition: Toy C-10.0 Box C-9.0 factory sealed. Well that's it for today and hopes you enjoy the show.


Revoltech Danboard original size with a bird

malem bloggers ^^...maap ya dalam beberapa hari terakhir ini tidak ada post terbaru atau kunjungan balik dari ku,,lagi belum ada mood buat ngeblog lagi ditambah liburan panjang semester genap ini, bukannya tambah semangat malah loyo gini hehehe...malem ini aku cuma menyempatkan diri untuk posting sepatah dua patah goyang patah patah kata sebelum tidur hehe... dan mulai besok akan aktif lagi seperti sedia kala. mohon pengertiannya dan banyak-banyak terima kasih buat sobat bloggers yg selalu setia berkunjung ke sini dan memberikan komen nya,,,anda komen saya komen hehehehe sebelum kita berpisah alangkah baiknya kita membaca doa masing-masing...loh?? ada yg salah keknya...

mo bagi-bagi poto aja nih... smoga bermanfaat dan menjadi inspirasi tersendiri weheheheh...
masih ingat dengan postingan terakhirku tentang revoltech mini danboard ?? ayo liat lagi di SINI nih ^^... danboard ini berasal dari anime & manga Yotsuba & !

judul dari perjalanan hari ini adalah indahnya persabahatan antara si kardus dan burung gereja,,,apakah kita bisa meniru contoh panutan yg satu ini hahahaha apa sih maksud nya ^^... yah sebagai info aja,,foto ini asli dan bukan hasil rekayasa, burung gereja itu sendiri juga bernyawa lho bukan imitasi..hanya saja burung itu lagi sakit...duh jadi ga enak nyebut burung itu dan burung anu hehehehe...
okeh hari ini kita cukupkan segini dulu dah,,,mo istirahat dulu...besok baru acara kunjungan nya hihihihi...malem bloggers...

Dragon Ball Z : Oyako Kamehame figure

Hi bloggers, back again with a great figure from Dragon Ball Z. This figure is quite interesting and a must for the Dragon Ball lovers, taking a setting when kamehameha final blow Son Gohan against Cell. If you still remember this legendary scene, this figures could bring back a great memoriez huhuhu...

If I not mistaken, this scene was put on Dragon Ball comic vol.32, am I right ??? This is the situation when Son Gohan was exhausted and his left arm was broken. Cell want to destroy Son Gohan and the rest of earth. Son Gohan want to fight it with his Kamehameha, but he do realize that his power is not enough to fight Cell back. But his father, Son Goku helped him from heaven ^^ with his kamehameha too. Actually this scene is a nostalgic and tragic too.

Created quite neat and detail by Bluevy, with high total approximately 18cm, this figure is made from PVC, ABS, and the packaging with a window box. Just see the detail, this is quite absolutely an awesome figure they made.

Estimated to Arrive on September 2009, so may come to indonesia approximately early October. Price for itself is Y10.500 or Rp 1,250,000, wow what an expensive figure ^^ but the price is ver worthed for those Dragon Ball lovers. If you interested with this great stuff well let me know hehe...

Marvel Legend Galactus Series

I'm back with another awesome Marvel Series, it is time for Galactus series and it's official, Toy Biz is sure out to take all of my money. Series nine includes Professor X, Nightcrawler, Dr. Strange, War Machine, Deathlok, First Appearance Hulk (with green variant that has a different head sculpt) and Bullseye (with angry head and dirtier paint application). It is a nice selection of some more obscure characters. Oh, and there is a big, hungry, purple guy in there too.

The figures are all fairly well displayed. Deathlok and Nightcrawler are in rather unusual poses to accommodate the piece of Galactus that is hidden at the bottom of the bubble. It actually works well for Nightcrawler since his character is usually shown crouching or leaping. But it seems out of place for Deathlok. Less of the contents of the bubble are visible with the figures in this wave due to the large image of Galactus on the front of each package. But this is advantageous as it generally helps to hide the parts of Galactus. The comics make a nice background. The back of the cards has all of the usual information: character's ability profile, a brief bio and images of all the figures in the series, including Galactus and the variants.

Toy Biz finally seems to be getting the quality control of the paint work under control. The paint on all the figures turned out well. Marvel Legends continue to be some of the best articulated figures on the market today. The packaging lists each figure as having between thirty three and forty four points of articulation. But those numbers are actually a bit low since Toy Biz usually counts the shoulder and hip joints as just one joint when they are really two joints in one, a hinge and a rotating joint. Nightcrawler for instance is listed as having forty four points of articulation, but the truth is he has forty seven plus the bendy tail for a total of forty eight.

At last we come to the big guy, the planet eater, the devourer of worlds, Galactus. Each of the figures in the series comes with one piece of a Galactus figure.

* Professor X - head

* Deathlok - torso

* Nightcrawler - waist

* Dr Strange - right arm

* FA Hulk - left arm

* War Machine - right leg

* Bullseye - left leg

When the seven pieces of Galactus are assembled you get an awesome figure that stands almost sixteen inches tall (to the top of his helmet fins). Galactus is solid, or at least his limbs and head are. He has all of the standard articulation of a regular figure in his arms, neck and legs. But instead of the waist joint and torso hinge, Galactus has a triple jointed torso. The waist section has a peg sticking up which is mounted on a track to slide forward and backward. This peg connects to a piece in the bottom of the torso which is also mounted on a track.

But this time the track runs side to side. The third point of articulation comes from the ability of the peg to rotate even after it is inserted into the torso. Thanks to the ratcheting joints Galactus can hold a pose well, though his heft and the flexible skirt armor limit his poseability.

source by tmnttoys

The Joker by Alex Ross

DC Direct and its stable of talented artists have to develop new ways to disguise their useful articulation of the figures who have the appearance of artists to the three dimensions, a fan, but still not all products are preparing several articulated statue. With this in mind, DC Direct has enabled us to look more closely at the Joker figures are sculpted by fan-favorite Tim Bruckner.

The challenge facing the translation of Alex Ross' Joker in the action figure is able to bring in the historic "with his hands resting on the cane as well as the design flexible enough to allow him to hit alternative poses like the hands on the hand. He gave the ball articulated shoulders modified, re-enacting the ball inverted neck, wrist articulated ball joints of the elbow and modified V-crotch articulation to give a wide range of maintaining the integrity poseablity the nyayuschih intact.

just look at his crazy face, what a great detail they made...

The Clown Prince of Crime haunts his arch-rival Batman as he enters into the league of assembled villains. This Alex Ross Justice League Joker action figure features a cane, multiple points of articulation and a display base. Packaged in a four-color blister.

source by action figure insider

Pre Order SIC vol.50 Masked Rider Kiva

waaaahhh... ahirnya line S.I.C (Super Imaginative Chogokin) ngeluarin seri Kiva jg nih, setelah rombongan badut - badut Den O tentunya ^^. Tapi lagi - lagi seri Kabuto di loncatin nih, padahal dah ga tahan mo dapetin SIC nya Kabuto yang resmi, klo customan orang sih dah banyak hehehe...
yup ini adalah spoiler ato bocoran tentang SIC vol.50 Masked Rider Kiva yang bakal di rilis pada bulan September 2009 ini dengan harga 4500 yen. Sekarang 1 body SIC sudah mahal banget ngikutin harga pasar T-T,,agak ga rela sih tapi mauuuuu hahaha... dengan tinggi rata2 18cm SIC Kiva ini sangat di nanti - nantikan. Tentu saja para reseller di forum - forum sudah gencar - gencar nya menyuarakan dagangan mereka untuk Pre Order (pemesanan) action figure keren ini. Berbagai macam harga pun ditawarkan dengan kisaran yang paling murah saat ini 430rb sampai 500rb. Tentu saja dengan berbagai syarat, jika ingin mendapatkan harga yang lebih murah harus membayar lunas untuk pre order. Aku mah ikutan yang standar aja dengan DP hanya 50rb wekekekkekek... maklum lagi bokek, lagian ni barang baru rilis pertengahan September, dan estimasi perkiraan bakal sampe pada awal bulan Oktober dengan mempertimbangkan hari libur di Indonesia.

Manfaat dari Pre Order adalah kita bisa mendapatkan barang yang belum di rilis ini dengan harga yang lebih murah, karena apabila barang ini sudah di rilis dan ready pada seller - seller di indonesia akan menyesuaikan harga dengan pasaran saat ini. Tentu saja itu sudah termasuk dengan keuntungan yang akan mereka dapat. Mungkin SIC ini akan naik menjadi sekitar 550rb keatas... Yah pilihan jatuh pada tangan anda sendiri dan sesuai dengan budget tentunya, ada yang lebih memilih jika ada barang ada uang atau ada juga yang lebih suka untuk men DP barang untuk di nikmati pada bulan - bulan berikutnya ^^. Klo aku pribadi sih yang mana aja tergantung budget saat ini huhuhu...

Sampai saat ini, sudah banyak sekali para custom maniac yang telah mengubah SIC mereka menjadi Kiva, tangan - tangan kreativ mereka sering kali mendatangkan banyak uang karena kebanyakan hasil jerih payah mereka yang hanya ada satu di dunia itu di ikutkan pada pelelangan, biasanya di yahoo auction. Dan hasilnya para kolektor - kolektor immortal bermunculan untuk memberikan bid tertinggi mereka. Tidak heran untuk satu body SIC customan saja bisa mencapai 2jt sampai 5jt tergantung dari detail dari SIC itu sendiri. Yahh aku berharap SIC vol.50 Kiva ini bakal lebih keren dari customannya wehehehe...

Berikut adalah salah satu hasil customan SIC Masked Rider Kiva, bener - bener maknyusss nih orang bisa aja bikin ginian >_<"
Atau yang ini nih, lebih dibuat kekar ditambah rantai di kaki kanan yang bikin tambah garang, pokoke mantabh lagh, apalagi klo punya hihihi...

finally, semoga postingan ini memberikan racun tersendiri bagi mereka yang teracuni hohohoho, ayo ada yang ingin memesan SIC keren satu ini? kontak aku wae ya ^^...
gambar diambil dari forum kafegaul dan ngee khiong
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