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1/6 RAH Piccolo

Hi bloggers. After posted about Son Goku, it is followed up by Piccolo. Not much from me, hopes you enjoy it.

Piccolo Daimao reincarnate, Piccolo Jr. from Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball" universe, is immortalized as this top-quality 12-inch RAH action doll! The 31cm green-skinned Namekian's neck and shoulders are made as a single piece, with no joints showing, and the soft vinyl head is a fantastic likeness of the iconic character! A super-articulated inner body is utilized for incredible flexibility, and both arms are covered with extra soft vinyl material, which maintains both arms' wide range of movement as well as a faithfully detailed appearance. Piccolo's costume is made of fabric sewn with care, and five optional hands are provided to help him strike signature poses, such as shooting his Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon)! He also comes with a removable wire-frame fabric mantle and a figure stand. Wow!

MEDICOM TOY's RAH body is one of the most articulated 12-inch figure bodies available, capable of nearly any pose that the human (or superhero) body can achieve. The Piccolo figure is ready to take life on your shelf in any dynamic pose that you desire. RAH Piccolo is more than a toy, it's an example of great engineering, costume design, presentation and sculpting. Never before has a Dragonball figure felt more to me like an extension of the show - like something that has literally jumped out at me from the screen of my TV. To put it simply, Medicom RAH Piccolo is such an achievement among Dragonball figures, that I am literally astounded by what this company has been able to create.

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Dwi said...

nice info, salam kenal brow..

Asian Traveler said...

Nice action doll.

By the way, please change my site from The Asian Traveler to An Asian Traveler. I lost my old custom domain. I have now my new web address . Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. :)

@ Coy said...

Topinya bisa dilepas kagak ya?...

RiP666 said...

thanks ya..lam kenal jg

@asian traveler
thanks... sure, I will change it

@ @coy
bisa bro,,gundulnya keliatan kok haha

Nia said...


RiP666 said...


didiet said...

pining yang goku aja saiya 4 rip kereeen

RiP666 said...

hehehe blm ada diet,,,cm ada action figure nya doank...hohoh

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