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Odaiba Gundam Tour

Hello bloggers,,,gives you aother detail about my last post Life size Gundam Looms on Odaiba. This guide is taken from HLJ. hopes you like it ^^...

Thousands waited patiently for their turn to see the lifesize Gundam up close.
People from all walks of life, and especially "Gundam" fans, came to see and touch the lifesize monument. Visitors could spend up to about 10 minutes on the platform, to get a good look from every angle.
All the detailing was incredible!
Here's a closeup view of the lower body. Now you know what's underneath the Gundam's skirt...more armor. Check out those panel lines and markings! What looked like steam occasionally sprayed from the black vents on the Gundam's knees.
The Gundam could be visited by as many as 1.5 million ankle-high admirers by the end of August. Attendees were allowed to touch the Gundam. No climbing, though. Gundam's armor is made of fiberglass assembled onto an inner steel frame.
Every 30 minutes, its eyes and other light sources on its body lit up, and its head would move left to right and then face upward.
Not only can the head turn from side to side, it can also pivot up!
Some took photos, some bought commemorative goods, and some even enjoyed picnicking within view of the Mobile Suit. Part of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project, the lifesize Gundam will be on display until August 31.
...but the best time to enjoy the spectacle of the lit-up Gundam is from 7pm onwards. One of the information booths showed photos of the construction process in creating this marvel.
yupp,,I think thats all for today's TOUR... All taken from Hobby Link Japan

Life size Gundam Looms on Odaiba

From fiction to reality, Amuro Ray's RX-78-2 Gundam from the seminal 1979 anime classic "Mobile Suit Gundam" has been brought to life in massive 1/1 scale as an 18-meter-tall (that’s about 60 feet!) monument!

Part of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project, and currently on display at Shiokaze Park on Japan's man-made island of Odaiba in Tokyo, it's a stunning realization of the First Gundam, sporting new additions to its classic design such as sub-nozzles beneath its backpack and incredible mechanical detail throughout, particularly in the elbow, knee, and ankle joints.

People spanning all walks of life, including thousands of "Gundam" fans, flocked to see the iconic robot on the display's official opening day of July 11, 2009. Attendees waited patiently in line to enter the venue, with staff members leading a small group of people at a time onto the raised platform the Gundam stands on, where they could view it up close, take photos, and touch the robot's armor, which is made of fiberglass assembled onto an inner steel frame. Every 30 minutes the Gundam's eyes and other light sources on its body would light up while white mist billowed from chest vents, shoulders, and legs. Its head moved from left to right, and finally looked upwards majestically while music played in the background to set the mood. On the ground directly behind the Gundam were a set of its gigantic footprints.

The surrounding stalls sold all kinds of Japanese food, while other booths offered information on the "Gundam" universe and the construction process of the lifesize model. There was also an official shop that sold Gundam-related merchandise, including the Odaiba event-limited 1/144 HG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. G30th snap-fit plastic kit (we sell the regular version of the kit). For 1,500 yen, attendees could buy a commemorative photo, with three postcards included, of themselves on a tall platform in front of the Gundam.

This amazing lifesize replica Gundam will be on display until August 31. It's a monumental landmark that everyone should definitely see with their own eyes!

See more Odaiba Gundam Photo Gallery HERE !
--Joseph Tsai, HobbyLink Japan


S.I.C Limited Masked Rider Nega Den-O

At the end of June, Tamashii Web has release limited item that have been waited by many S.I.C lovers, namely S.I.C Masked Rider Nega Den-O. This hot item can only ordered from Tamashii official website 5 months ago. And now it has been released and for the limited item, only available on TAMASHII web shop in Japan.

For who doesn't know Nega Den-O, here is a little article about him.
Following the events of Kamen Rider Den-O, Negataros and a select few Imagin are stray Imagin who evaded the fate of the other evil Imagin when Kai ceased to exist in the final episode. Soon afterward, he steals an extra Den-O Belt before arriving to restore the future where the Imagin exist by recruiting mobsters and members of the Fangire Race to his aid. In Climax Deka, Negataros has to deal with both the DenLiner Police lead by Ryotaro Nogami, an inside man in the form of Yuto Sakurai, further worsened by the brief meddling of Wataru Kurenai.

In the end, Negataros' plan is foiled and his armor is destroyed by the Double Boistous Kick & Darkness Moon Break of Kiva & Den-O Climax Form before he finally meets his end in battle against the DenLiner, the ZeroLiner and Castle Doran.

Negataros is also featured prominently in the S.I.C. Hero Saga in Hyper Hobby Magazine. The story is a retelling of the events of Climax Deka featuring Negataros travelling to April 3, 1971, to team up with the Shocker organization and combatting Den-O and the Tarōs along the way.

source from wikipedia

HOT TOYS : Michael Jackson (Thriller version)

Everybody know him, pretty much loving him. Yeah you right guys, This is Michael Jackson , Aug 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009, gone too soon. But there are many things to remember him. If you still remember with my last post about Hot Toys Billie Jean / History Tour version Michael Jackson (post HERE), now a teaser picture of Hot Toys soon-to-be-released Thriller Michael Jackson figure has been making the rounds.

Thriller is the sixth studio album by American recording artist Michael Jackson. The album was released on November 30, 1982 by Epic Records as the follow-up to Jackson's critically and commercially successful 1979 album Off the Wall. At its peak, the album was selling a million copies a week worldwide. In just over a year, Thriller became—and currently remains—the best-selling album of all time. Sales are estimated to be over 110 million copies sold worldwide. Seven of the album's nine songs were released as singles, and all reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album won a record-breaking eight Grammy Awards at the 1984 Grammys.

HOT TOYS - M ICON - MIS09 - Michael Jackson collectible figure (Thriller version)

Michael Jackson’s performance in the Thriller music video will never be forgotten in our heart. Tribute to the world’s greatest entertainer of all time, Hot Toys is proud to present - Michael Jackson -in this 12inch scale collectible figure. This real-like collectible figure depicts the King of Pop as he appears in his Thriller music video in 1983.

This Michael Jackson - Thriller collectible features:

-Hot Toys’ slim version TrueType body, over 32 points of articulation, stands approximately 30 cm high
-2 interchangeable heads – MJ head and Zombie head
-2 sets of costumes ( original red jacket and pants & the zombie suit)
-2 sets of white socks with black shoes
-Five (5) sets of interchangeable hands and one (1) additional posing right hand
-12 inches figure stand with the classic Thriller title and Michael Jackson nameplate

Release date: Q3, 2009

Artist info:
- Head Sculpt by Kang In Ae
- Head Art Directed by Yulli
- Head Paint by JC. Hong

Source by Cool Toy Review


'Back in Black' Spider-Man statue

Have no idea to post made me think about one of great statue from Marvel. Everyone know Spider-Man, and they love him ^^...but not all for the black costume. Actually this one are the same pose with the last post of Spider-Man statue , but this one is more interesting too. Read it for more information.

After the death of over 600 civilians during a botched reality show featuring heroes tracking down villains, the government enacted the Superhero Registration Act. This law divided the heroes across the United States, forcing them to choose to support the law or to fight it. Two heroes embodied the extremes, as Iron Man took control of the Pro-Registration camp, while Captain America chose to lead the Anti-Registration camp. Under Iron Man's guidance, Peter Parker made the decision to make his identity public, and registered himself.

Peter soon regretted the decision, realizing the danger his friends and loved ones were now in and seeing the prospect of having to capture his renegade friends in the now Civil War of the superpower community. After seeing a prison for the unregistered superhumans, he fled Avengers Tower with his family, clashing with Iron Man during his exit. A major battle and a jailbreak at the unregistered prison lead to the end-all battle of the Civil War, and Spider-Man remained a member of the unsanctioned Avengers team in the aftermath. But the damage had already been done, with Spider-Man's identity public knowlege. The Kingpin commissioned a sniper to kill Peter Parker's family, and though Mary Jane was spared, Aunt May was left in a coma on the verge of death. Spider-Man resumed wearing his black cloth costume, reflective of the dark times while his Aunt May was precariously close to death.

The latest to join Sideshow's line of Marvel collectibles is the 'Back in Black' Spider-Man Comiquette. Each piece is hand cast in highest quality polystone and hand finished to Sideshow's exacting standard. Reflecting Peter Parker's dark days in the aftermath of the Civil War, the 'Back in Black' Spider-Man Comiquette is an outstanding addition to any collection, a stunning representation of the Webslinger as seen in the New Avengers series.

source by sideshowcollectibles

Soul of Chogokin GX-45 Mazinger Z (Shin Mazinger)

Commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Chogokin series, this represents the first total re-design of the Mazinger Z in 11 years. This time, every resource was dedicated to a single aim: enhanced posability. The result of the designers' efforts is a figure capable of taking poses long believed to be impossible for a diecast toy, such as the iconic Mazinger Z pose of firing a "rocket punch" while down on one knee.

Featuring abundant use of diecast metal components for a satisfying weight and feel in the hand. The overall sense of quality is enhanced by the redesigned Hover Pilder, which features a translucent canopy and integrated folding wings, a feature that required parts-swapping in previous versions of the toy.

Bandai celebrates the 35 years of die-cast metal goodness that is their Chogokin brand with this SOC entry featuring none other than the dynamic daddy of the super robot genre, Mazinger Z! Based on its design for the 2009 "Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen" anime series, this highly poseable 16cm action figure is a completely brand-new sculpt of the seminal 'bot! Its lower arms are attached to the upper arms via magnets on the elbow joints, and also packed in this set are a pair of interchangeable lower arms with spring-loaded mechanisms to recreate the super robot's trademark Rocket Punch attack!

The Hover Pileder is of course included too, featuring a clear blue canopy and foldable wings for docking the craft into Mazinger Z's head. The included Jet Scrander can be attached to the robot's back, and its wings are movable. A custom display base with stand is also provided to help pose Mazinger Z in mid-flight, and accessories can also be stored on the base. Too great!

picture taken from ngeekhiong & source by HLJ

Award from Wahyu 2

gile ni siang panas banged cuy. mo kluar tapi males, tapi klo di rumah doank bisa gilaa aku. mo cari dvd buat di tonton eh malah nemu yang ginian..

baru tau aku kucing jg dah bisa buat pilem dewasa wwkwkwkwkwkkwkw... kucing - kucing ini mempertontonkan pose-pose yang nakal, aduhhh anak2 jangan nonton deh, tapi klo anak mama boleh dah kali ya huehehehehe... mending lanjut ke award nih, telah di terima dari Wahyu
kek gini nih award nya beserta back link ^^

ini nih list penerima award ini :

Belly di
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irone di
sastro di
erwin di

Dan selanjutnya si penerima award harus meletakkan link-link berikut ini di blog atau artikel kamu :

1. Google
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4. Surya-tips
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7. Reni Judhanto
8. Awal Sholeh (CAD)
9. Wahyu Firmanto
10. RIP666

Aturannya begini : sebelum kamu meletakkan link di atas, kamu harus menghapus peserta nomor 1 dari daftar. Sehingga semua peserta naik 1 level. Yang tadi nomor 2 jadi nomor 1, nomor 3 jadi 2, dst. Kemudian masukkan link kamu sendiri di bagian paling bawah (nomor 10). Tapi ingat ya, kalian semua harus fair dalam menjalankannya. Jika tiap penerima award mampu memberikan award ini kepada 5 orang saja dan mereka semua mengerjakannya , maka jumlah backlink yang akan didapat adalah

Ketika posisi kamu 10, jumlah backlink = 1
Posisi 9, jml backlink = 5
Posisi 8, jml backlink = 25
Posisi 7, jml backlink = 125
Posisi 6, jml backlink = 625
Posisi 5, jml backlink = 3,125
Posisi 4, jml backlink = 15,625
Posisi 3, jml backlink = 78,125
Posisi 2, jml backlink = 390,625
Posisi 1, jml backlink = 1,953,125

Dan semuanya menggunakan kata kunci yang kamu inginkan. Dari sisi SEO kamu sudah mendapatkan 1,953,125 backlink dan efek sampingnya jika pengunjung web para downline kamu mengklik link itu, kamu juga mendapatkan traffik tambahan.

Nah, silahkan copy paste saja PR yang kedua ini, dan hilangkan peserta nomor 1 lalu tambahkan link blog/website kamu di posisi 10. Ingat, kamu harus mulai dari posisi 10 agar hasilnya maksimal. Karena jika kamu tiba2 di posisi 1, maka link kamu akan hilang begitu ada yang masuk ke posisi 10.


award from Andie gokil

minggu siang kayak buntang... ga tau mo ngapain,, mandi jg belon, sikat gigi lupa dari semalem >.<"...alhasil gigi ku jadi gini dah
buset dah,, itu gigi dah kayak pager aja, dah kekuningan gitu hahaha...untung ga laletan tapi dah uletan..
saatnya ngerjain award gila mengenaskan yang aku terima beberapa hari yg lalu, ga inget sih kapan huehehehehe....award ke sembilan puluh juta dollar nigeria yang dilontarkan oleh andieuedann yang bermarkas di

1. Comment disini dulu sebelum ambil AWARD nya, atau kamu akan ku tuduh telah berbuat tidak senonoh, dan melecehkan blog ku. (Kalo ga', AWARD mu ga sah sob... dan Blog mu bakalan dikutuk oleh Sincan yang cabul itu...)

2. Bagikan AWARD ini kepada teman mu

3. Beri tau mereka kalau mereka dapet AWARD dari kamu.

4. Pasang poster "Tispackers VS Transformers" di posting AWARD kamu (kalo mau, ga maksa.. hehe...) (tambahan dari buytank, lebih baek jangan!)

5. jangan lupa sujud syukur.

6. tidak lupa menggosok gigi

7. membantu orang tua ketika menyebrang.

8. tidak buta hurup.

112. jangan lupa untuk menyerahkan ini ke 4 juta miliar teriliyun umat blogger.

daywalker di
kwangkxz di
seri di
wahyu di
kir31 di

dah ahhh...segini jg dah cukup keknya, ga sampe 4 juta miliar teriliyun sih, tapi dah mewakili sluruh makhluk..


Incredible Hulk Movie Fine Art Statue

The raging Hulk from the 2008 film "The Incredible Hulk" is replicated in absolutely stunning detail as this cold-cast porcelain statue, with the green giant hoisting up a shredded camoflauge military Humvee to smash his enemy! Master sculptor Junnosuke Abe realized the Hulk with incredible minute detail, from his massive muscles and enlarged veins right down to the mechanical details of the destroyed vehicle and street pavement base. The base can interlock with Movie Fine Art Statue: Abomination (sold separately) to form a diorama scene of the final battle from the film. Individually numbered and limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide! There is also an individually-numbered metallic printed outer seal on the box.

Contain your inner rage… but not your fanboy! This astounding statue features the Incredible Hulk standing in the center of the city, in final combat with his enemy-- the deadly Abomination. The massively proportioned Hulk has been sculpted using reference materials directly from the archives of Marvel Studios, to ensure perfect replication of the not-so-jolly jade giant. Measuring a whopping 14-inches tall, the destroyed pavement of the street, the mechanical details of the hummer, and the enlarged veins of the Hulk himself have been faithfully rendered by master artisan Junnosuke Abe. This unbelievable sculpture is individually numbered as part of a limited edition, and the serial number is reflected on the silver-printed outer seal. Own one of these and you'll be "all the rage"!

The amazing base of this Fine Art Statue will interlock with the Abomination Fine Art Statue to form a diorama scene as the two gamma mutations rip a military Humvee in half and duel in the city streets! Also, as a special bonus for fans who collect both, the Abomination includes an additional, unique Hulk head that can be exchanged on the Hulk statue, offering two posing options when displaying the Hulk with the Abomination. Customize your Hulk with the bonus part from the Abomination! Abomination sold separately.

Fine Art Statues like this are the ultimate high-end collectibles, created from cold-cast porcelain with ornate features throughout, such as the neon pigment of the enraged Hulk's eyes.

source by


MSIA Devil Gundam Last Version

Finally my dream comes true. My Devil Gundam has arrived this morning with great package so then the box is still pure without a big streched or any dented ^^ and absolutely it is Mint In Box,,not openede yet...thanks to Yuchan from KafeGaul forum who help me to get this stuff. He help me to bid on Yahoo Auction and win it ^^. But for sure, the price is very expensive because it is rare stuff and the charges from Japan to Indonesia is too much T-T... But I must get whatever it takes hehehehe...Lets take a look at the packet.

I have posted my search about Devil Gundam all things,,, HERE...
till now, I have 1/14 Devil Gundam, SD Devil Gundam, MSIA Devil Gundam, and MSIA Devil Gundam Last Version...

I still need two more things to complete my Devil gundam, they are 1/144 Devil Gundam resin kit by B-Club and MS Head Display Collection #4: Devil Gundam ,, long way to go because I need more extra fund to reach them ^^.


Hellboy II Premium Format Statue

Still remember Hellboy ?? Now I would like to share a great statue about Hellboy II: The Golden Army.
This statue include the main figure, the base, his left hand, and his tail. They fit together easily, as long as you take a little care and don't try to force anything. Pay particular attention to the tail, since it's meant to go in one way. The overall sculpt is excellent, and I love the selected pose. Yes, it's from the poster and other movie marketing ephemeral, but it's also dynamic and dangerous. They've gone with the perfect expression for the pose as well. The sculpted tattoos on his body are present, although removing his coat to check for all of them would be a bit tricky. The overall statue reaches 22", but much of that is the base. The volume his body takes up - chest, arms, legs - seems to be less than you'd expect, even considering the crouched pose.

The paint is great. The dark red color looks great, and the black hair is clean and neat. The eyes are very sharp, clean and even, and have a slight gloss to give them that wet look.

The exclusive version includes an accessory: a second left hand. The normal hand holds the Samaritan, and the additional hand holds Big Baby. This is one of those times where the exclusive accessory really is well worth picking up, especially if you want this statue to clearly be a Hellboy II version. If you already have the first version, having the Big Baby in his hand really helps differentiate this one.

The hands swap easily with care, and the post fits tightly enough in the wrist so that it shouldn't fall out on its own. I included a side by side comparison shot of the two weapons in his hand to give you a sizing relative to the body and to each other.

The original intent behind Sideshow's Premium Format figure was to produce statues that were constructed from mixed media. That meant not just polystone or polyresin, but cloth, leather, metal, plastic, and other components. Hellboy is one that uses a wide range of goodies to produce the final realistic look. The clothing includes plastic, cloth, leather and metal aspects, and this mixture really makes him stand out. The cloth coat is the most obvious feature. It's made from a thin material that's in proper scale, with high quality stitching and a very nice dark lining. The leather collar and straps look great, and they've added wires around the wider collar (around his shoulders, not his neck) and along the bottom of both jacket flaps. This allows the coat to flair out at the bottom in various ways, depending on the look you're going for. The wire in the collar is also crucial, allowing you to get the coat in just the right spot around the shoulders and keep it there.

The black leather pants have plenty of stitching details, and are very well tailored. There's a snap in back to allow you to get the tail on and positioned properly. It takes a little effort to get this re-snapped around his tail once it's on, but the pants are made from a fairly stretchy, microfiber sort of material (not true leather, but a material that certainly looks like it) that has enough give to allow the pants to snap together again with a little work.

The leather belt includes a ton of pouches (glued shut), as well as his leather holster on the right and several important trinkets, like his rosary and a couple monkey skulls. The outfit is very impressive, and this kind of work is what sets apart the truly great Premium Format figures from just another statue on the shelf.

This is the nicest Premium Format statue from Sideshow. source by mwctoys


Award from d3d3

hallooo sobat bloggers,,, aku kembali lagi setelah beberapa hari ini tidak memposting hal yg baru ^^,,, Ternyata KP ku benar2 menguras tenaga dan pikiran weheheh,,,masuk dari pagi jam 8 dan kluar jam 5 sore,, dan itu berlangsung selama senin sampai jumat. Aku bersyukur sabtu bisa libur, nah pada tiba saatnya libur pada hari sabtu dan minggu benar - benar aku manfaatkan bersama keluarga dan teman - teman. Sehingga belum sempat untuk berkunjung balik ke rumah sobat bloggers sekalian. Mohon maaf atas ketidak nyamanan ini dan terima kasih banyak buat kesetiaannya untuk selalu berkunjung disini walaupun tidak ada postingan terbaru ^^ dan yakinlah bahwa aku akan datang ke rumah bloggers sekalian wehehehhe....

BTW bagi yang sudah nonton pilem Transformer : The Revenge of Fallen,, mainannya sudah mulai beredar dalam berbagai tipe. Mulai dari yg kecil-kecilan sampai yg gede, mulai dari yg murah sampe yg muaahhaalll... Kebetulan ada seller yang membuka Pre Order untuk Transformers ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime & Jetfire dari Hasbro... Tentu kalian ingat pada saat Jetfire memberikan sumber dan partsnya kepada Optimus Prime sehingga Prime mendapat tambahan tenaga baru dan bisa terbang hohoho...

Mainan ini dapat digabungkan menjadi bentuk yang hampir sama seperti dalam pilemnya... gimana?? mantabbb kan ?! ukurannya lumayan besar dengan harga sekitar 1,4jt yang dijual satu set. hohohoho... okeh kita sekarang beralih ke award lagi nih,,,Award ini aku terima dari sobat bloggers yaitu Hyper J@duLZ...terima kasih banyak buat awardnya sob ^^. Ini dia awardnya dan beberapa aturan dan pertanyaan nya...

International Bloggers Community Award

Here is some rules to join International Blogger Community:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.
4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.
5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.
6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
7. Have Fun!

Questions & Your Answers:

1. The person who tagged you: d3d3
2. His/her site's title and url:
3. Date when you were tagged: July 1, 2009
4. Persons you tagged:

Dennis at

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yap thats all, itulah 7 orang yang mendapatkan award bertuah ku ini wekekekekekek... Sebenarnya sangat sulit untuk memilih 7 orang dari sekian banyaknya bloggers. Lebih baik ku serahkan ke semua bloggers seperti biasanya, tapi kali ini aku sedang ingin berbagi kebahagiaan yang bukan hanya untuk diriku saja ^^... Dan tenang saja, sobat bloggers lainnya sudah masuk daftar tunggu untuk award - award berikutnya (kalo dapet T-T )... yup sekian dan terimakasih.


Frieza Vs Songoku Battle damage

Currently in Japan, Dragon Ball Z anime is running back again with the new name, Dragon Ball Kai. The anime is still the same (not in the Re-make) with the previous Dragon Ball Z, but many scenes is being cut, because the concept for Bird Studio is the manga series for Dragon Ball Kai. So many scenes that are not essential removed by the author Akira Toriyama. If you want to watch it, you can download the anime via torrent or rapid share. Just search for Dragon Ball Kai and it will match to it.

It is almost 20 years, but Dragon Ball fans has never lost, because Dragon Ball is one of the legend in the world for manga and anime. They do not miss this opportunity, they released a figure that is quite good, taking the fight scene between Songoku against Frieza on Namec planet. The sculpt is quite perfect, but the detail is less... there is no blood and dirty on their body.

Price for one figure is quite high Y14450, it is planned to release in August 2009, with full length 350mm or 35cm, big enough to fulfill your room! Also in the figure entered an LED lamp, can burn (see picture below for more details).

source from JapanFreakz

Iron Man - Battle Damaged Bust

It is July already, it is time for me to do my practical work to fulfill my duty as a university student ^^...From 1st of July, it is start yesterday...I must go to Telkomsel from 8am to 5pm, what a boring day hahaha... I must finish it untill the end of August. Well, my journey is about to begin...So I can blogging just at night or maybe at early morning like this, sorry if I did not come to your home now...I will, just wait for me friends ^^

Oke, It is time for new stuff...If you still remembered about my last Iron Man Bust post, it is already released the new one...Yes,, it is the battle damaged version. It is released and now ready stock at Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow is proud to partner with Stan Winston Studios to create a stunning Iron Man Battle Damaged Life-Size Bust in celebration of the blockbuster Iron Man movie. Iron Man has been captured in 1:1 scale in his unique powered armor, taken directly from the molds used to create the film costume. Each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The bust is cast in high-quality fiberglass and features LED light-up glowing eyes, which can be powered by the supplied power cord and wall plug (U.S. only), or it can be battery operated (batteries not included). The Iron Man Battle Damaged Life-Size Bust is sure to be the centerpiece of any collection, and the perfect complement to any office or home theater.

License: Marvel
Product Type: Life-Size Bust
Product Size: 24" H (609.6mm) x 19" W (482.6mm) x 13" L (330.2mm)*
Product Weight: 37.00 lbs (16.78 kg)*
Box Size: 19.00" H (482.6mm) x 26.00" W (660.4mm) x 31.00" L (787.4mm)*

* Stan Winston Studios
* The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles
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