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Soul of Chogokin GX-45 Mazinger Z (Shin Mazinger)

Commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Chogokin series, this represents the first total re-design of the Mazinger Z in 11 years. This time, every resource was dedicated to a single aim: enhanced posability. The result of the designers' efforts is a figure capable of taking poses long believed to be impossible for a diecast toy, such as the iconic Mazinger Z pose of firing a "rocket punch" while down on one knee.

Featuring abundant use of diecast metal components for a satisfying weight and feel in the hand. The overall sense of quality is enhanced by the redesigned Hover Pilder, which features a translucent canopy and integrated folding wings, a feature that required parts-swapping in previous versions of the toy.

Bandai celebrates the 35 years of die-cast metal goodness that is their Chogokin brand with this SOC entry featuring none other than the dynamic daddy of the super robot genre, Mazinger Z! Based on its design for the 2009 "Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen" anime series, this highly poseable 16cm action figure is a completely brand-new sculpt of the seminal 'bot! Its lower arms are attached to the upper arms via magnets on the elbow joints, and also packed in this set are a pair of interchangeable lower arms with spring-loaded mechanisms to recreate the super robot's trademark Rocket Punch attack!

The Hover Pileder is of course included too, featuring a clear blue canopy and foldable wings for docking the craft into Mazinger Z's head. The included Jet Scrander can be attached to the robot's back, and its wings are movable. A custom display base with stand is also provided to help pose Mazinger Z in mid-flight, and accessories can also be stored on the base. Too great!

picture taken from ngeekhiong & source by HLJ


Seri said...

lihat aja gambar katun ini teringat aku pada siri jepang the giant robot cuma kepalanya ngak sama. yang ini lebih unik.

mrX said...

robot, jadi inget maenan gw waktu kecil dulu

Willie said...

Nice. They gave u the stand too? Cool.

KangJoko said...

idih... jadi pengen beli robot inget masa kecil dulu, kalo dulu saya koleksi gundam.

KangJoko said...

Guys, tukeran link ya? link anda sudah saya simpan di blog saya,,,

Hitsuke said...

Good post sob,,
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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I have a friend who is crazy over Chogokin Mazinger. He even have the hangar that is able to elevate the toy.

Andie Gokil said...

asi gambarnya
besar banget yah?

ada yang baru di blogku
koment yak.

Sigit said...

dulu sempet liat nih filmnya..kartun gitu..keren sob jadi mengingatkan masa indah dulu nih..heheh

Tripzibit said...

Aku paling seneng liat film robot2an kayak gini. Sayang gak pernah diputer di TV

RiP666 said...

wahhh giant robo keren jg tuh ^^

wahh di bagi donk hohoho

yup, the stand help the figure to make a fly pose

wahh,,keren jg sob hohoho
sip, ntar aku link balik

RiP666 said...

thanks sob,,meluncurr

whooaa...can u give me the link,,I like to see it too ^^

@andie gokil
hehehehe...kecil kok, cuma 16cm...seipp

hehehe iya nih, skrg di tayang ulang baru smpe belasan episode

iya bro, sayang banget,,,aku aja download buat nikmatin ni pilem wehhehe

@ Coy said...

keren banget sampai ngiler terutama yang gambar paling bawah eheheee

RiP666 said...

@ @coy
hehehe,,,yg bawah ntu gambar ilustrasi nya,,sumpah kerenn bgt ^^

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