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Incredible Hulk Movie Fine Art Statue

The raging Hulk from the 2008 film "The Incredible Hulk" is replicated in absolutely stunning detail as this cold-cast porcelain statue, with the green giant hoisting up a shredded camoflauge military Humvee to smash his enemy! Master sculptor Junnosuke Abe realized the Hulk with incredible minute detail, from his massive muscles and enlarged veins right down to the mechanical details of the destroyed vehicle and street pavement base. The base can interlock with Movie Fine Art Statue: Abomination (sold separately) to form a diorama scene of the final battle from the film. Individually numbered and limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide! There is also an individually-numbered metallic printed outer seal on the box.

Contain your inner rage… but not your fanboy! This astounding statue features the Incredible Hulk standing in the center of the city, in final combat with his enemy-- the deadly Abomination. The massively proportioned Hulk has been sculpted using reference materials directly from the archives of Marvel Studios, to ensure perfect replication of the not-so-jolly jade giant. Measuring a whopping 14-inches tall, the destroyed pavement of the street, the mechanical details of the hummer, and the enlarged veins of the Hulk himself have been faithfully rendered by master artisan Junnosuke Abe. This unbelievable sculpture is individually numbered as part of a limited edition, and the serial number is reflected on the silver-printed outer seal. Own one of these and you'll be "all the rage"!

The amazing base of this Fine Art Statue will interlock with the Abomination Fine Art Statue to form a diorama scene as the two gamma mutations rip a military Humvee in half and duel in the city streets! Also, as a special bonus for fans who collect both, the Abomination includes an additional, unique Hulk head that can be exchanged on the Hulk statue, offering two posing options when displaying the Hulk with the Abomination. Customize your Hulk with the bonus part from the Abomination! Abomination sold separately.

Fine Art Statues like this are the ultimate high-end collectibles, created from cold-cast porcelain with ornate features throughout, such as the neon pigment of the enraged Hulk's eyes.

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kwangkxz said...

Wah, artikel baru ya ? Saya Pertamaxxx nich hehe... Nice Incredible Hulk Movie

Andie Gokil said...

wah ajib juga tuh ya?
punya gak?
bagi dunk.
hehe :D:D

RiP666 said...

thanks bro

wehehehehe tuh ambil aja gambarnya :D

riRiN! said...

katanya standing in the center of the city.. itu ko pose'nya si Hulk di tengah2 permukaan gelombang2 ga rata bgitu.. mana kotanya ripp :P :P

Ide Gokil said...

gambar hulknya keren

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

3000 is rather limited. The statue must be very big.

RiP666 said...

hahahaha ririn detail banget nyimaknya,,salut dah ^^

ini diambil dari pilem hulk pas lawan abomination, settingnya di tengah kota lhoo...itu tanahnya ga rata ya karna di injek2 si om hulk hehehe...

RiP666 said...

@ide gokil
hehehe mayan kena tuh ^^

it is 14-inches tall,,it sure is big ^^

@ Coy said...

garang banget mukanya hehe....
plus detail banget...
da engk ya yang ngangkat dua tank?....

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