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happy holiday for everyone....
Sorry if I didn't posted anything, because i've been a little busy wehehehe...
I am very happy today... my packet had arrived yesterday. And guess what ??

yes it is Chucky...!!
I've been waited for this bratt long time ago, I orderred it on August 2008...wheeew...
oh whatever... i'm happy right now, it doesn't matter anymore...hahaha

I will not open it... Well this is the spoiler...

Chucky's back... again... and boy he's just as vicious as ever. When he locates his old buddy Andy at military school, you know the blood and bullets are going to fly.

From one of the most controversial entries in the series comes NECA's 12" Talking Chucky figure.

He's so realistic and creepy that you'll be looking over your shoulder, making sure he isn't sneaking up on you. Relive those childhood nightmares today!

This 12" talking Chucky action figure is articulated, packed with accessories, and says 4 phrases from the hit film Child's Play 3:

* "Hi, it's Chucky."
* "Sorry Jon, I gotta go, I have a date with a 6 year old boy."
* Voodoo chant
* Evil laughter

The black wrap-around label shown in the picture of the item slides off, revealing the same "Good Guys" packaging box featured in the movie.

So...Happy holiday for you & whach your back

" WANNA PLAY ?!?!?! "


Year of The Mouse MICKEY & MINNIE

wow...!! what a wonderful day we have today. i'm sure our friends who celebrate this day would like too. well... happy new year for you who celebrate it. Ang Pao please hehehehe ^^.
Now we had the two that born long long time ago. i'm sure you already now this, the first characters in Disney(c) history. Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Actually this is from 2008, but whatever...(^o^)
To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Mouse in 2008, Hot Toys of Hong Kong is delighted to bring you the first ever Chinese Style Mickey and Minnie Mouse collectible figures.

Mickey Mouse stands approximately 11 inches high, and comes with:

* Highly detailed Chinese Emperor costume with Mickey mouse pattern
* An imperial crown
* Mickey jade-liked piece accessory on waist
* Golden Chinese shoes
* Disney logo display base with Mickey Mouse nameplate

Minnie Mouse stands approximately 11 inches high, and comes with:

* Highly detailed Chinese Empress costume with elegant pattern
* Scarf and cape
* An imperial crown with hanging jewels
* Chinese style red knot on waist
* Golden Chinese shoes
* Disney logo display base with Minnie Mouse nameplate

Release date: Q2, 2008

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are © Disney

Barack Obama 12 inch Collectible Figure

After watched & read the article from Xander's Blog about Barack Obama Inauguration Speech, i wondered & thought... I tried to search about Barack Obama & found exiting things about him. And this things was suitable for my hobby. Yes it is... Barack Obama 12 inch collectible figure from DID.




Hope he will changes America

The Charismatic President

with Interchangeable hand so you can pose him as you like

So... Are you interested ? If yes, find more info at Onlinedid


Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame issues

yohoho...I didn't have idea this night, so i just want to post about Model Kit Gundam issues..Hope you'll enjoy it.
Another great Gundam Model Kit will be release on March.
This is Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame. The scale is 1/60. It is almost 30cm tall. wow....!! awesome.... Hope i could get one. ^^

The price will be 18,900 Yen (inclusive of tax). errrrghh.... too much for me T-T
All images from the downloadable PDF file on the website.

Still in prototypes. hope the real one will comes out as soon as posible.

I hope Bandai will release PG Gundam Exia, it is more cool than PG Gundam Astray
Well....lets see if it is good or not.

Images from Gundam Dot Info.

Have a nice weekend my friends

Slipknot Is The 2008 Metal Artist Of The Year

Slipknot's album sales of All Hope Is Gone only tell part of the story. For the band's fans, they waited all year for the summer release of the collection, which was the band's first ever to hit the Number One spot on the Billboard 200 album chart.

Add to that all the ravenous fans that seek out the band anywhere and everywhere on the internet, and thats why they're Artisan News Service's Metal Artist Of The Year.

We asked percussionist Chris Fehn earlier this year about their fan support.

Slipknot On Maggots For Life

"I could tell from the early days that, like I said before, it's a culture, and it's a way of life. Those kids back then meant it so much that I knew that they'd be there forever. Even if it was still just a few of them, those would be the best club shows to this day. It turns out we've gathered more minions and everything's coming along, and so it's just going to be off the hook."

All Hope Is Gone originally came in second to The Game's LAX, but the label asked for an historic recount which then had Slipknot at Number One upon final tally.



SIC vol.46 - Masked Rider Ichigo & Cyclone (The First Ver) issues

morning all....
i'm glad i had finished my exams. Well... today is holiday, how 'bout you??
i hope you all enjoy your holiday also like me hohoho... Now i'd like to talk about the next SIC . If you didn't know what SIC is, feel free to read my first post about SIC here . My late post about SIC was SIC vol.30 : Masked Rider Kaixa & Delta . Now i want to share some picture from SIC vol.46 Masked Rider Ichigo & Cyclone (The First Ver). It comes from the late movies, Masked Rider The First.

Some Spoiler from Kamen Rider The First movie series.
Much like the series, Takeshi Hongo was a college biochemistry student, but he was captured by the Shocker's agent Bat due to being a "ideal" candidate for their experiment, forced to undergo a procedure that turns him into a super-powered Inhumanoid cyborg code-named Hopper, whose purpose was to eliminate any witnesses to Shocker's actions. Hopper later proves to be Shocker's finest work as he lacks the need for transfusion to survive like other Shocker Inhumanoids. 'Hopper's' first mission was to assassinate two witnesses who coincidentally were the journalist who had interviewed him prior to his kidnapping, Asuka Midorikawa, and her fiancé Katsuhiko Yano. It was during the assault that Hongo reclaimed his sense of humanity, though too late to save Katsuhiko as Asuka finds Hongo next to Katsuhiko's lifeless body, believing he was the murderer as she attempts to uncover how a seemingly normal college student could become a murderer. The incident left Hongo with an epiphany, deciding to use hisnew found power to stop Shocker's evil and protect all that he holds dear from them. Meanwhile, Shocker uses the body of Katsuhiko to create a second Hopper known as Ichimonji Hyato to destroy the traitorous "Hopper I". The two Riders eventually team up to save Asuka, when she uncovered the existence of Shocker itself. In the end, Hongo and Asuka confessed their love for each other.

you can put the helm there ^^

ride the cyclone

Rider Kick...!!!

The man behind the mask, Takeshi Hongo is Masked Rider 1

This set will be released in February 2009, the price is 7140 yen. Will be perfect for you who don't have Movie Realization The First or The Next yet.



sorry for the delayed. i have some examination to do, and still for the next following day.
first, i want to thank you for keep visiting my poor blog. i hope you enjoy the show.
because, without you all my blog just nothing...
and the second, i had reach 100 posts right now....yiipiii... last the show must go on...

I had posted about Spawn about the previous week. let me show you some great figure of Spawn tonight...


Spawn VII is the massive, brooding and incredibly detailed deluxe boxed set from the Series 21 lineup. Spawn VII is based on art found in Spawn issue #83 and includes the base and throne.

This figure is one of the most unique spawn figures made since the creation of the toy line. The obvious influence of the toy is Hamlets contemplation of the skull which is why this figure is so unique and a great buy. This is one of the best figures to come out of the line and is most definitely going to be a collectors item.

Spawn VII (boxed set) is 9 5/8 inches to the top of the throne. The figure is articulated at the neck, both shoulders, both forearms, right wrist, hips, right shin and left ankle for a total of 10 joints. His billowing cape is molded in soft PVC and the brooding Spawn VII comes with the throne, a rat-infested base and a skull to hold.


Zephyranthes Chronicles: PG GP01/Fb Diorama

I found some very cool diorama about Gundam. This picture was taken from Plamo-Warrior DX : a site dedicated to Gundam and Mecha modeling and general anime madness. feel free to visit.

This is Perfect Grade GP01/fb that have been modified from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory anime series. Gundam GP01/fb original color is white and blue, but has changed into white and red.
I think this color match, the more sweet and fierce looks. The name of this project is Zephyranthes Chronicles: PG GP01/Fb diorama

the process is immaculate, I hope I can be also like this

this was a great diorama. salute for the makers
Details of the progress can be seen at the Project Zephyranthes page

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