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SIC vol.30 Masked Rider Kaixa & Delta

Masked Rider Kaixa

Kaixa Gear was the third series of Kamen Rider Gear developed by Smart Brain Corporation to protect Orphenoch King. Kaixa Gear was more powerful, but slower than Faiz Gear. Still does not match Delta Gear for speed or power, but have more functionality.

Like most Gears Ryder Smart was developed brain, can be used only by Kaixa Gear Orphenochs or people with Orphenoch DNA. Unfortunately, if you use Kaixa device ultimately is destroyed, this is not the case with full Orphenochs.

Masked Rider Delta

Gear Delta was the first series of Kamen Rider Gear developed by Smart Brain Corporation to protect Orphenoch King. Never moved beyond the prototype stage, but not for a couple of Faiz and Kaixa. He has more power and speed to the next, Faiz and Kaixa Gears, but much less functionality - the lack of a sword weapons (eg Faiz edge or Blaygun) or its equivalent Kaixa Faiz and gunfire. His speed is much lower than in the Faiz Accel and Faiz Blaster less potent form. Also, do not support the vehicle designed specifically to accompany him (as a Jet is more universal struggle Sligo unit.) Moreover, Kamen Rider Delta Orphenochs destroyed record with a red flame, rather than the normal blue flame.

Masked Rider Kaixa & Delta

Masked Rider Delta, Faiz, & Delta
The Trio Rider ^^

Extra Picture of Kaixa


Anonymous said...

pahlawan masa kecil gw nehh

tripzibit said...

ini termasuk kamen rider 555 ya?

RiP666 said...


yup, ada 3 gear dalam pilmnya

didiet said...

rip kaixa nya keren banget, faiznya mana...model kaixa naik motor ada gak

jefry said...

huuuhh.. kamen rider yohh...

mantabbbb, jaman jeboooott bgt neh..

@ Coy said...

wah keren bro...
q ambil fotonya ya hehe...

RiP666 said...

hehe kaixa emank keren...
tuh dah ku tambah kaixanya...
faiz bentar yah...

yg ini masih bru cui..

@ @coy

thanks all

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