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Life size Gundam Looms on Odaiba

From fiction to reality, Amuro Ray's RX-78-2 Gundam from the seminal 1979 anime classic "Mobile Suit Gundam" has been brought to life in massive 1/1 scale as an 18-meter-tall (that’s about 60 feet!) monument!

Part of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project, and currently on display at Shiokaze Park on Japan's man-made island of Odaiba in Tokyo, it's a stunning realization of the First Gundam, sporting new additions to its classic design such as sub-nozzles beneath its backpack and incredible mechanical detail throughout, particularly in the elbow, knee, and ankle joints.

People spanning all walks of life, including thousands of "Gundam" fans, flocked to see the iconic robot on the display's official opening day of July 11, 2009. Attendees waited patiently in line to enter the venue, with staff members leading a small group of people at a time onto the raised platform the Gundam stands on, where they could view it up close, take photos, and touch the robot's armor, which is made of fiberglass assembled onto an inner steel frame. Every 30 minutes the Gundam's eyes and other light sources on its body would light up while white mist billowed from chest vents, shoulders, and legs. Its head moved from left to right, and finally looked upwards majestically while music played in the background to set the mood. On the ground directly behind the Gundam were a set of its gigantic footprints.

The surrounding stalls sold all kinds of Japanese food, while other booths offered information on the "Gundam" universe and the construction process of the lifesize model. There was also an official shop that sold Gundam-related merchandise, including the Odaiba event-limited 1/144 HG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. G30th snap-fit plastic kit (we sell the regular version of the kit). For 1,500 yen, attendees could buy a commemorative photo, with three postcards included, of themselves on a tall platform in front of the Gundam.

This amazing lifesize replica Gundam will be on display until August 31. It's a monumental landmark that everyone should definitely see with their own eyes!

See more Odaiba Gundam Photo Gallery HERE !
--Joseph Tsai, HobbyLink Japan


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a very great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

RiP666 said...

hi olive,,thanks..I just want to share this information and I glad that you liked it ^^

Sigit said...

ini mantab sob..coba kalau bisa bergerak bebas seperti animenya..nti perang beneran kan seru tuh..hahahha..gile emang wong jepang..kreatif..

Jcee said...

The lights on the head makes it look funny, like about to detonate lol

RiP666 said...

hahaha,,asli sob,,mantab banget...kapan ya kita jg punya, bosen liat tugu monas ^^

wahaha...maybe the photo was taken when the head gonna blow ^^

bena said...

wow! hope they make one for optimus prime too.. hehehe..

kangjoko said...

gila bener tugu monas aja kalah yah he... kapan ya bisa liat langsung, kalo ke sana ajak2 ya :)

Nia said...

hanya satu kata : kereeeenn....

genial said...

wahh keren banget tuu.. gedeee!!! ko' bisa dapet aja sii kabar-kabari nya tentang semua ini?!?!? saluddd!!!

@ Coy said...

wau, wah, aaaaahhhhh....

Keren abis bro....
JADI Ngilerrrrrrrr......

Pingin lihat dari dekat......
tapi seandainya bisa dinaiki alias kayak di animenya pasti seru abis dah hehehehehehe,,,,,

visit gorontalo said...

tu beneran atw hanya rekayasa photoshop.. mantap ya..??

Andie Gokil said...

minum obat gede gitu yak??
besar sob.

eh sekalian, ada yang baru diblogku.
koment yak.


RiP666 said...

it would be nice if they make it too ^^

iya kang,,pingin jg tuh kesana,, ntar kita tur aja rame2 hahaha

@mba' Nia
hihihi keren bgt :)

thanks sob,, kebetulan aku suka ama ginian & smua tersedia dr mbah google :D

@ @coy
sippp broo,, klo yg bisa di naekin sih blom, mungkin nanti,, tapi dulu dah pernah di buat juga nih gundam skala 1/1 tapi tiduran...n dijadiin musium jadi kita bisa masuk dalem kokpitnya

@visit gorontalo
100% beneran bro, udah jadi tugunya di jepang sono ^^

@andie gokiel
yah di ules2 tros jd gede gitu dianya wkwkwkwkwkwk

siipp segera meluncurr

RE said...

muantabs,,suratab sob

House tips

kwangkxz said...

Terimakasih artikel art hobby-nya, menarik sekali

nada said...

wuihhh it is really cool
so fantastic

RiP666 said...

huehehehe thanks ya ^^

sama2 sob, smoga tdk membosankan ^^

glad that u like it :D

kurniawan.q said...

wah kalo ada dibuat layar lebar oleh amrik pasti bagus

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