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Finally back for blogging again,, it is almost two years that I left this blog,,
I love this blog, I love people who came to this blog,, It had to be my second home and now I want to recovery this second home to be active as I did before.. Therefore I need visitor and I will try my best to give something good for my articles :D

Well not to much to say,, see you again with my next post... cheers...!!


Project BM Wataru Kurenai

Bandai & Medicom continue their collaborative "Project BM!" line, which is essentially the "let's do the recent guys in Medicom RAH 1/6 size since we're still only up to Kuuga in the main line" spin-off. What I mean is, the name might be different but these guys are Medicom Real Action Heroes through and through. The spin-off started back in 2005-ish with Kamen Rider 1 & 2 from THE FIRST, then saw characters from Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, & THE NEXT join the line-up. Now, later this year Kamen Rider Kiva (Kiva Form) already get his due.

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