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Dead Memories Video Premiere

“Dead Memories" - The song comes from the band’s most recent album All Hope is Gone and was written by singer Corey Taylor about the painful collapse of his marriage to his ex-wife. The video was co-directed by Paul Brown and band percussionist Clown.

Commentary by Shawn “Clown” Crahan:
I’ve been doing directing and writing treatments and working with most of our videos from the beginning. I’ve always been the guy. It’s not that I wanted to be a director or write scripts or treatments. It’s just that I’m not interested in other people’s ideas. I’m not at that time of my career where I’m worrying about breaking crazy artists to come in and mold us as a sculpture for them to further their art. I’ve always been the guy who’s had to force my opinion, and that’s how you get to co-direct. This video, I’m co-directing with Paul Brown, and he decided to finally be the guy after 12 years to look me in the eye and say, “You’re gonna co-direct the video. You’re gonna do filming because you’re great at it.”

And the treatment is my idea. And it was a very serious time for me because I felt that Slipknot had to move in a different way than what we’ve been doing. I just took a good look at “Dead Memories,” and it’s a really personal song for Corey, so I got together with him and told him my idea of having all these rooms in the video. I had him pick what each room would be, and basically, Paul Brown mentored over me and forced me into this.

For me, doing this is huge. I can almost smell and taste what I see and little things, little edits make me weep. So it’s an honor to be able to co-direct a video this and I don’t think people have seen anything like this from us. It’s out there, man. It’s really out there because it’s time. I don’t want to waste time anymore on people’s fundamental ideas on what they think Slipknot is. We’ve given enough. We’ve given everybody a little bit of what they’ve needed to market us, sell us, present us. We’ve done that because we want to impact the entire world.

And this is a very expensive video. It’s actually a short film, and most people thought we were going to bite off way too much, and we did, but that’s the way we like it. And the sole purpose of this short film was to be an experiment to help Corey finalize “Dead Memories.” I took it that deep. He thought he finalized ideas by laying lyrics down to a musical score. Well, guess what? I’m gonna dig it all back up and force you into eight categories of this insanity in your mind. And it’s art, so who knows what it means? Who cares what it means? Just let it mean what it means to you.

this is the video link from youtube,,,
i couldn't upload it here because the connection was so sick...damn

Video Clip Dead Memories




lama ga posting...

cuma mo ngucapin


maaf kemaren2 ga bisa ngeblog...hehe

Hellboy Polystone Statue

Hellboy is the fourth entry in Electric Tiki's Classic Heroes Collection, and the first of Electric Tiki's Hellboy series (to be joined shortly by Lobster Johnson and others). The Hellboy statue is one of the most faithful translations of comic art into sculpture. Sculptor Ruben Procopio reverently followed creator Mike Mignola's artwork and design, under the supervision of Electric Tiki's Tracy Mark Lee.

Each statue is hand cast in high quality polystone and hand painted to exacting standards. It is packaged in durable foam interior and a beautiful full color package, and each piece is complete with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity. Don't miss your chance to add the most authentic comic based Hellboy collectible to your collection!

the detail was awesome,,,just like the real one

limited edition, just 1000 pcs around the world...
get your stuff now...

for more detail come to visit Sideshowtoy



Featuring Homer and Bart, pushed to their limits. The father and son dynamic, Simpsons style.

Paint: original paint
Scale: 6-inch
Format: action figure
Packaging: clamshell

more simpsons figure at

Slipknot will definitely be making a fifth album.

Here are some excerpts from an interview Big Cheese Magazine conducted with Corey Taylor.

"I remember walking out on to the second stage here (West Palm Beach, FL) at Ozzfest in '99," Corey says, recalling Slipknot's first major tour: "People heard the noise and started running over the hills towards us. It was insane. When we first started playing there were probably about five hundred kids. By the end of it the entire field was packed, and people were just staring at us. They were like 'What is this?' And it was like that every show..."

And it's good to hear Taylor insist that the journey's not over yet. Every previous album (including 'IOWA' which caused shockwaves by going straight into the UK charts at number one, abover other new entries 'Is This It' by The Strokes and 'kingsize' by pop group Five) has been released amidst rumours that it might be the band's last, but Corey says Slipknot will definitely be making a fifth album.

Big Cheese Magazine

Award & PR From Mba' Nia

wuih.... dah 2 minggu lebih nih award & pR dari Mba' Nia baru sempet dikerjain skrg....
hehehe maap ya & makasih banyak dah ngasih award ini hehe...

nih dia award nya
ada Pr jg nih

The Most Important Person in our Life

1. The most important in my life or our life is ALLAH S.W.T
2. Most Important person in our life is Prophet Muhammad SAW
3. The next most important person in our life are myself, & others wehehehe

oke job done... award & pR mo di lempar ke :
1. Angga
2. Nie'Q
3. on3cyber
4. Jefry
5. Rantaro

The Dark Knight - 1/6th scale TWO-FACE / Harvey Dent collectible figure

here is what i had promised u yesterday...

Another villain from Batman The Dark Knight...
Harvey Dent who has the justice in his heart that turn to black...
Here is the Two Face....
enjoy !!

The Dark Knight - 1/6th scale
TWO-FACE / Harvey Dent collectible figure

~ Movie Masterpiece Series~
Hot Toys is proud to announce the seventh collectibles from the Dark Knight movie the 1/6th scale TWO-FACE/ Harvey Dent collectible figure
The figure stands approximately 12 inches tall and features more than 32 points of articulation, it also features:

* Dressed in Two-Face accurate costume of destroyed suit, shirt, tie, pants and shoes, the character wear in the Dark Knight movie
* Alternate head with authentic likeness of Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent
* Interchangeable Harvey Dent’s suit jacket
* One set of interchangeable hands
* Pistol
* A signature coin
* 12 inches figure stand with Harvey Dent/ Two-Face nameplate

## Artist ##
**Two-Face head – damaged part by an artist from the US & Harvey Dent part by Yulli
**Harvey Dent Head Sculpt by Yulli
**Head Art Directed and Paint by JC.Hong

{Release date: end Q4, 2008- Q1 2009}

WB SHIELD: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Another great toys from Hottoys

hot next issue

next issue....
Do you know who??
stay tunned...wehehe

Dead Memories Single Release Date: December 1st

SLIPKNOT have revealed the artwork for upcoming single release DEAD MEMORIES (due to hit stores on the 1st December) and will launch a teaser for the upcoming video for the track on ROADRUNNERRECORDS.CO.UK on the 10th October at 4pm!!!

SLIPKNOT will release the 2nd single off their new album ALL HOPE IS GONE (which is in stores now) on the 1ST of DECEMBER, which will co-incide with the start of their UK tour with label mates MACHINE HEAD.

The single, titled DEAD MEMORIES, will see an accompanying video, the premier of which is yet to be announced. However watch this space for news of a taster coming VERY soon...

Avenged Sevenfold Live on Jakarta

Setelah sukses menggelar konser tahun lalu, Avenged Sevenfold akan kembali ke Jakarta. Dimotori oleh Java Musikindo, Avenged Sevenfold hadir kembali di Jakarta pada tanggal 22 Oktober 2008 nanti. Terdiri dari M. Shadow (vocal), Synyster Gates (lead guitar), Zacky Vengeance (guitar), Johnny Christ (bass), dan James Sullivan - The Reverend (drum) grup beraliran Rock asal California yang telah memiliki dua buah album ini akan menggebrak Jakarta dengan beberapa hits andalannya seperti, To End the Rapture, Unholy Confessions, Second Heartbeat, Burn it Down, Critical Acclaim, The Wicked End dan lainnya saat konsernya nanti. Saksikan penampilan mereka terutama, duet gitar Syn dan Zacky yang memakai double bass dengan tempo berkali lipat beat dari ukuran normalnya yang akan menjadi moment puncak dari konser tersebut. Dont miss it!
by freemags

Showtime: Rabu, 22 Oktober 2008
Location: Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta
Time: 20.00 WIB

Harga Tiket
Regular Rp 325.000 (Tribune & Festival)

12" Michael Jackson collectible figure (Billie Jean / History Tour version)

bach here again....
back to work with hottoys news...

M ICON - 12" Michael Jackson collectible figure (Billie Jean / History Tour version)

This collectible stands approximately 30 cm tall, features the authentic likeness of Michael Jackson - the legendary musician and Hollywood pop star in the 80's.

Michael Jackson collectible figure features:
- Hot Toys' newly developed TrueType- "Slim version" body with over 38 points of articulation.
- Trademarked single sequined white glove
- Sequined black coat
- White socks with black shoes
- Black hat
- Microphone
- Microphone stand
- Three sets of interchangeable hands
- 12 inches figure stand with Michael Jackson nameplate

Release date: DEC 2008

- Head Sculpt by Kang In Ae
- Head Art Directed by Yulli
- Paint by JC.Hong

Michael Jackson TM
Under Licensed by Ecbizz Japan Co., Ltd., Tokyo/Japan
Triumph International, Inc./U.S.A.
All Rights Reserved.

by Hottoys

An Award from Maynanda & Sunny


yuhui....dapet award lagi nih...kali ini datang dari Maynanda yang telah sudi memberikan award ini & menjadikanku tersangka >.<...haha jadi tambah semangat buat ngeblog nih Sebelumnya tolong di baca2 pesan2 dari sponsor

The Rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

oke award mo di terusin ke :

1. Ifat
2. Mba' Nia
3. ymut's
4. Mas Tony
5. Rofi
6. masenchipz
7. Mahen-Jambi

buat yg di serahin award ini agar terus semangat dan tetap berkarya dalam dunia per-blog-an...
ini jg berlaku jg buat smua teman bloggers...
sori bahasanya kalang ngidul....wehehehe


Wow....i got award again... deeply thanks to sunny that gaves me this reliable award...
really appreciate it...

I would like to give you this lovely award because I enjoyed reading your blog.

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I would like to pass this award to the following bloggers, grab it guys if you don't have one yet ;)

1. ecpassistant
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3. Bena
4. Borneo Tips
5. Harry
6. Ragnarok World
7. Appz dl

keep blogging for's my pleasure to visit your blog..

Happy Iedul Fitri

paiige n loz x, miyabi idulfitri,  Image Hosting

happy iedul fitri....
thanks to my friends Wahyu that gave an inspiration to post this lebaran card...

& here is from ifat ...thanks to you that gave me this great card...

Bila kata merangkai dusta..

Bila langkah membekas lara...

Bila hati penuh prasangka...

Dan bila ada langkah yang menoreh luka...

Mohon bukakan pintu maaf...


Minal Aidhin Wal Faidhin.....Mohon maaf lahir batin

& this card was given by Ayas at EasyTrickBlog


thx to all my friends who gaves me,,,really appreciate it

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