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MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Hello my friends….

Just want to post about rafted a model kit
This is MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Mobile Suit XXXG OOWO from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Series. U can see the box…

This is complete parts inside the box with decal & manual book
U can see how much parts in it, It was so complicated…
Started at 23.30 at night…

This is tools I’ve always used, just the simple tools

- Linning pen
- Pliers for plastic cutting
- Cutter
- Modeling knife
- Cement

How to using pliers & the manual book…
Actually, the manual book in Japanese language, of course I didn’t understand what it means.
I was just followed the picture…

Lets begin….
First, I made the cockpit. U can see the pilot sitting there…
I didn’t coloring it because I didn’t have the tools…
So just like that, of course someday I would…heh

After the inside, I made the body and head…
Here we goes … … …
After several hours, I felt hungry…
I saw the clock it was 02.15 AM…
Tried to ate something & refressing to watched my brothers were playing musou orochi 2…
it was their favorite game
time to Sahur.....

I continued to made arms, shoulders, waist & joined the parts…

This is right foot, right frame leg, & right leg…

And there it is…
It completely done for the whole body…

Continued to linning the head & whole body…

After that, I rafted the wing & assemble it with the body…
It was awesome…u can see the detail…
It’s 6 o’clock in the morning & I tried to slept for a while…
Well…I woke up at 12 o’clock in the afternoon…
Wow….. I slept well
Continued to made a beam rifle…it was two beam rifles…
I didn’t use the rifles because it hard to hold…
After that I made a stand…
U can see how it works to gundam…
Wheew… finally it is done…
But it was just the simple way to raft a model kit…
There was still much way, but I didn’t have the tools…
So forget about it wheeheheh…

An Award from Trik Yuwie

haduh ga nyangka lagi nih bakal dapet award buat blog ku yg cupu ini....
thx banget buat trik yuwie yang bersedia memberikan award ini

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segala rasa hormat buat nerusin ni award ke :

1. Sunny - an award for u my friend
2. Delia - buat tetangga ku yg baeekkk bgt
3. Jeffry - kemana lu jef?? mampir ui
4. r1ooooo - kmn aja nih,,lama ga mampir ?? hehe
5. Leo - buat mu bro hehe
6. Erna - buat mu mba'
7. pinky - buat pinky nih...

khusus buat smuanya....
happy blogging don't stop dancing....


An Award from Rantaro nyangka bakal dapet award lagi nih...
thx banget buat bro Rantaro yang dah sudi memberikan award buat blog ku wehehe
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trus ni award mo di terusin ke :
1. Final Fantasy Planet
2. Norture
3. Budi Hartanto
4. Cha2x
5. gdrake
6. Nie'Q
7. i.on3

smuanya temen2 blog ku yg sering mampir dan maen ke sini hehehe
keep posting don't stop blogging...


1/1 Joker Bust Statue

whew...long time no post...errr
i hope u didn't get bored with this freak person...
What do you think about this picture..??
do you think it's real??
hell no...this is 1/1 joker Bust Statue...
It was made with same scale with the real one...
well enjoy the freakness...

An Award from Delia

We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us

one we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.

We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.

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wohoho...thx banget buat Delia yang dah nyerahin Award ini...
maap baru sempet nerusin nya

Award ini mau di lanjutin ke:
1. Mas Agus - yg mengenalkan dan mengajarkan Blog padaku yg lugu T-T
2. M2M - yg selalu menemani ngobrol wehehe
3. Elmo - yg selalu aktif mampir dan maen dan seterusnya
4. Popular PTC - yg memberikan kontribusi tersendiri >.<
5. Ririn - yg selalu berkunjung dan bermain

6. Aphied - yg selalu mampir dan bermain
7. Whiteyin - yg sering maen k blog ku
ditunggu lho kedatangannya

sebenernya masih banyak yg mau diserahin, masih se blog list,,,wkwkwkwkwkwk
peace don't stop war ??? sori ngawur hehe


Sergeant Keroro

Big Sergeant Keroro

He's big, he's bad (well, really, he's good), and he's ready to defend the planet! This enormous soft vinyl Sergeant Keroro stands 55cm tall, has a soft fuzzy helmetty-thing, and a custom base that sort of looks like the Earth. Impress your friends and neighbours with a giant froggy alien guardian! This item is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure. It does not require either cement or paint to complete or use.

Mascot Robo Sergeant Keroro

Everyone's favorite green alien frog finally gets to express himself! This cool Mascot Robo Sergeant Keroro toy will speak one of over 120 of his signature phrases and change expressions with one of six different sets of eyes each time you press the star button on his belly. Become Keroro's friend through communication by constantly pressing the star button, and he will show happy expressions and say happy phrases. If left alone, Keroro will become your enemy and say evil things, like talk about invading Earth! If you set the time, date, and your birthday by pressing the buttons located on his palms, he'll speak phrases according to the time and occasion, such as greeting you in the morning, welcoming you back home, and offering seasonal greetings such as Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! A great desktop companion! Mascot Robo Sergeant Keroro is about 18cm tall and requires two triple A batteries (not included).
This item is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure. It does not require either cement or paint to complete or use. 18cm high.

60 cm Big Tony Tony. Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece , the shape-shifting little reindeer who's found a life of adventure as doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, has already inspired a slew of great toys...
but a character this special deserves something even greater, and here it is: this nearly 2-foot-tall statue! Made of PVC and ABS, this fantastic likeness is spot-on, and is all the more striking in this impressive size! Chopper's arms can be raised and lowered, and his hooved "hands" swivel at the wrists; otherwise, this is a fixed-pose statue. His eyes have been created with care, pupils set into his head beneath a layer of clear plastic. This item is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure. It does not require either cement or paint to complete or use.
He comes complete with a removable fabric backpack, an ABS reproduction of the Amiudake mushroom he found for his beloved Dr. Hiruluk, and a sturdy dollstand-like base, decorated with Chopper's own Jolly Roger, that holds him securely. His hat and pants are molded on so are not removable, but he can be put on and taken off his base, and can carry the mushroom or not--it's up to you! Truly a masterpiece!

Chara Hobby

had no idea to post
just want to share some pic taken from danny choo
MG 1/100 Gundam Unicorn DioramaMG 1/100 Gundam Destiny Custom1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia1/60 Gundam Exia
1/100 Gundam Astraea
MG 1/100 Gundam Strike Noir1/100 Gundam Astraea Type F

Joey On The Cover of Rhythm Magazine

Joey is on the cover of the newest issue of Rhythm The UK's Best Selling Drum Magazine.

Naruto Toys & Statue

Toynami Naruto Shadow Clone Jutsu Statue

An underachiever at the Ninja Academy, Naruto roams the Village hidden in the leaves causing mischief and countless pranks. He also enoys a good bowl of ramen. His life-long dream is to be Hokage, the village chief, and become the greatest ninja of all time. Naruto also holds a secret that he himself does know, the fact the Nine-Tailed Fox that wreaked havoc on the village, is sealed inside his body! His special techniques are the "Clone Jutsude" and "Multi Shadow Clone Jutus." This remarkable piece is individually numbered, constructed from cold-cast porcelain, over 6" in height, and sculpted by Shin Tanabe.

For Naruto fans, this is Naruto when he use “The Shadow Clone Technique” (影分身の術 Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Viz “Art of the Shadow Doppelganger”, UK DVD “Art of Shadow Body Splitting”, English TV “Shadow Clone Jutsu”). The Shadow Clone Technique, used to create solid, completely identical copies of the user, is Naruto’s most frequently used jutsu. In addition to using these clones to overwhelm his opponents, Naruto often uses them to help him form his preferred form of attack: the Rasengan, an attack that grinds into whatever it touches. By using the copies of himself to spin and mold his chakra into shape, Naruto can form the Rasengan without the hassle required to create it single handedly.

Kakashi Lightning Blade Statue

Kakashi Hatake (はたけ カカシ Hatake Kakashi) is the leader and teacher of Team 7, consisting of the series’ primary characters, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto. He is initially portrayed as a detached and apathetic figure, but as the series progresses, his loyalty to his friends and students becomes increasingly apparent. Kakashi’s past has been extensively explored in the series, resulting in a gaiden being devoted to his past experiences. Kakashi has appeared in several pieces of Naruto media, including three of the four featured films in the series, all of the original video animations, and several video games.

With his ability to mimic the jutsu of others, Kakashi has added over one thousand different attacks to his repertoire, leading to his nickname of “Copy Ninja Kakashi” (コピー忍者のカカシ Kopī Ninja no Kakashi). Much of this extended arsenal is composed of ninjutsu, making him a specialist in the field. Kakashi is also well-rounded in all other jutsu-types, shown to be adept with taijutsu and at least having a cursory knowledge of genjutsu. Because of his abilities, Kakashi is noted to be an obvious candidate for the position of Hokage, the protector of Konoha, should the position ever become vacant.

Although most of Kakashi’s abilities were acquired with his Sharingan, Kakashi has two abilities he developed by himself. Lightning Blade, a collection of lightning chakra in one’s hand, was created by Kakashi in his youth. By rushing at the enemy and thrusting the Lightning Blade into a target, Kakashi can kill most opponents with one strike. Because of the speed at which the technique is performed, regular eyes experience a tunnel-vision effect when using it and leaves the user open to counterattack. After gaining his Sharingan, Kakashi was able to overcome this flaw, and uses its analytical capabilities to better react to enemy movements. His second unique ability is the pack of eight ninja dogs (忍犬 Ninken) he is able to summon to his side. The dogs are capable of talking and have presumably been raised by Kakashi since they were puppies. He primarily uses them for tracking purposes, sending them out to find and detain a target until he can catch up to them.

Gaara Sand Coffin Statue

Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit Statue

another accesories


International Tokyo Toys Show 2008

The Tokyo Toy Show which is organized by the JTA is the largest toy exhibition in Japan.
It had provided opportunities to introduce new products and develop business relationships, thus attracting many toy retailers, distributors and other toy-related business people.
The Tokyo Toy Show 2007 held on June 28 - June 1, 2007 was a great success with 111,619 visitors, an increase of 21,640 in attendance from the previous show.

Still about Batman
more photos from International Tokyo Toys Show 2008
Hot Toys 1/6 Batmobile

More more more
and many more...

The Beginning

morning on monday...
after sahur n shubuh & before go to college...

This is The Beginning of 3,,,
1. This is 1st of September that u'd already now...
2. This is 1st of ramadhan.
3. This is 1st of college

well lets begin this morning with spirits...
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