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S.I.C Vol.50 Masked Rider Kiva

Greetings heroes/citizen. Since Bandai announced that they are making a Kiva S.I.C instead of Kabuto. I was a bit disappointed, as they’ve skipped Kabuto for the Den-O series. Yep, Bandai is reaping as much profit as they can from that series (Den-O) probably because it is more popular there in Japan. Although I’m a bit disappointed with that, I’m glad that Bandai is making another S.I.C that is not from the Den-O series. I’m sick of all the Den-Os S.I.C lol. I just hope there wil be a Kabuto in the making, please Bandai. This S.I.C was released couples of weeks ago, I got it last Wednesday from HLJ. I’m paying it for early bird price, but retail for this action figure is around Yen 4500 depending on where you get it. I don’t suggest you get it from eBay, trust me the prices are crazy there. This King of Fangire action figure was sculpted by Ando Kenji.

Packaging; normal S.I.C box, the graphics are influenced by the series’ theme. Inside there is only 1 plastic tray to hold all the items. Twisties are as usual, the background of inside the box is Kiva’s logo. Included in the box is the instruction leaflet.

Design/sculpt; I’m really impressed by the design. The generous amount of die cast metal (chogokin) is very appreciated. This really bring back the soul of “Chogokin” back to this series. Fans of S.I.C were complaining that S.I.C is lack of the metal parts nowadays. With this amount of chogokin on him I don’t think they should complain anymore about that. Both the shoulders’ armors were cast of metal. It was pinned to the back of his body, the body armor is not removable. I can’t removed the shoulder armors, I think it was meant not to be removed.

The headsculpt is very detail with fine Gothic patterns. All the die cast metal parts also have a lots of fine detailing. The Hell’s Gate (when close) is made entirely of die cast metal. It is clamped to the right foot. It’s heavy, but if you tied the chains right, it will not fall of or even move. To make the “Darkness Moon Break Finisher”, you have to change the metal parts with the plastic parts (translucent red). All the chains on him are also made of metal. The knees are also made of metal so are the wrists.

The Fuestles, are easy to put on his belt, just make sure you put them carefully as they are quite soft and fragile. It’s amazing that Ando can sculpt very tiny items with very intricate scupt. All he Fuestles can be inserted to Kivat’s mouth. Actually only 2 Kivat The 3rd are equipped for this action figure, but since I bought this from HLJ, I got and extra piece of Kivat made of metal. So there are 3 Kivat in the box, I think you’ll get it only if you buy the Japanese version.

The panels on his legs are removable, it will make the legs looks slimmer, but there’s quite a large hole to hold that panels. At his pelvis, there are rubber flaps to hide the joints, it really make the action figure looks good. It will not disturb the movement of the legs but the panels on his legs can be a bit annoying when you try to pose the figure.

Points of articulations; this is a super poseable action figure, but to achieve the good looks, some joints were sacrifice and so they are limited in movement. Mostly the shoulder and the hips, other than that they are okay. Ball jointed are use for the shoulder,hips,body,neck and ankle.His wrist are all using spiral peg joints. usually at the knees, the joints are able to turn around, but this time they can’t. It can only be turned back and forth.

Colorings; the paint apps are nice. They are neat and the washing is only for the black parts of his body. They used blue to bring up the detail sculpt of the body.

Accessories; not much if you didn’t count the Hell’s Gate on his leg as accessories. But since this is the normal mode, I think the numbers accessories given are quite good. They are good enough to give a set of violin, 6 Fuestles 6 pairs of extra hands/fist, 3 Kivats (some might only got 2, I’m not sure about this) and the opened Hell’s Gate (the wings).

Overall this action figure is really worth the money I paid for it. Honestly I wasn’t aspect much from this action figure, but once I got to hold it the first time, instantaneously my feelings were changed. I really loves this action figure, and I am quite sad that Bandai is not making other form (they’re making Decade for vol.51) of him besides the Emperor form. What is making me more sad is that the Empero form is a Tamashii Shop Limited Edition. I hope they will make other version of him as normal release. So, to recap ;

Packaging; 4.5/5

Design/sculpt; 4.5/5

P.O.A; 4/5

Colorings; 4.5/5

Accessories; 4/5

Credit by SuperheroesBase

Astro Boy 12 inch Figure

So long my friends... It is a long time ago since my last post. I'm sorry for this,, hopes you still with me now ^^. I gotta keep this up now to make this blog live again =)... Well not much to talk, just want to share with you about this old boy but still a kid untill now. Yes it is about Astro boy with the following movie this year...enjoy ^^

Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist named Tenma. Powered by positive "blue" energy, Astro Boy is endowed with super strength, x-ray vision, unbelievable speed and the ability to fly.

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the new Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series. In celebration of the 2009 Astro Boy movie, the Astro Boy 1:6 scale Figure stands 9 inches high and is the perfect addition to any display.

The Astro Boy 12 inch Figure features:

* Over 22 points of articulation
* 2 sets of interchangeable posing hands
* Open chest with positive "blue" energy inside
* Battery-operated illuminated eyes for X-ray vision mode (battery included)
* Interchangeable arm cannons
* Interchangeable rocket boots
* Figure display base featured with Astro Boy movie logo

credit by sideshowtoys
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