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Awards from Putra Sigit

huuaaahh...dah masuk awal bulan Juni nih. sudah saatnya masuk musim ujian semester, trus liburan panjang wehehehhe... sembari menunggu dan termenung jadi kayak si Cloud nih, tapi aku ga sekeren itu wahahaha...ngarep mode ON.

yup, sudah saatnya mengerjakan pe er Award yang di berikan sahabat kita Putra Sigit - Blog Bercinta dengan Kata. makasih banget sob atas awardnya ^^.
yang pertama adalah Award Sahabat Pena..

trus singkat kata kita lanjut ke award yg ke dua ^^... Blogging for The Earth, wah berat banget beban yg ku terima hahaha... mungkin agak beda persepsi dari kebanyakan orang, blog ku tidak pernah bermaksud untuk melindungi bumi kita tercinta secara langsung, tapi melalui perantara manusia-manusia super wakakakakakaka... yah anggap aja karna dilindungi pahlawan pembela kebenaran sekali lagi dunia kita kembali damai (^o^).

ups ampir lupa nih, nih rules aturan - aturan yang berlaku

1. Letakkan award ini di Blog kamu atau postinganmu.
2. Sisipkan link yang memberikan award ini di blog atau postinganmu.
3. Jawab satu hal ini yaitu tentang Blogging For The Earth menurut kamu.
4. Berikan award ini kepada 6 orang temanmu.

seperti biasa selalu ada aturan yang dilanggar tapi tidak sepenuh nya, aturan no 4 tidak hanya untuk 6 bloggers saja, tapi akan saya berikan kepada seluruh bloggers yang berkunjung dan sempat membaca tulisan ini (ngeless mode ON). terima kasih saya ucapkan kembali untuk mu bro yg telah memberikan award ini semoga masing2 dari kita bisa tetap berkarya dan eksis dalam dunia per bloggeran ini hehehe...

The Punisher VS Daredevil Diorama

yoo what's up ?? here I go again with something familiar with you. Just want to share about Marvel thing & hopes this will make your weekend more great hehehe...
Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics comes this great Punisher VS Daredevil Diorama. It's vigilante costumed heroes at their best! This outstanding diorama is cast in heavy-weight, high-quality polystone, then hand-finished and hand-painted to exacting standards. Each piece is individually hand-numbered, then packaged in a durable foam shipping interior and beautiful full colour box. Who wouldn't want to watch Frank Castle take it to Daredevil in the comfort of your own home!

Born in the Italian Catholic New York, Castiglione Francisco, better known as Frank Castle, a former U.S. Marine captain, a great deal of training in special tasks of combat forces and technology. Shortly after his trip to Vietnam, the castle, his wife Mary and their children are in New York at Central Park on an island during the days when the mafia criminal enforcement. In trying to eliminate all witnesses, the Costa crime family murdered on the spot. Frank survived, and was able to identify all the arrows, but the police are too deeply involved in providing the powerful Costa family responsibility. When they refused to help, decided to lock in their own hands. His body armor emblazoned with the symbol of the death of the head and aftergame. Since then, he was a cruel man with a war crime and called himself Punisher.

Matt Murdock raised his father, boxer "Batlinga Jack" Murdock, in Hell's Kitchen. When he saved a man from the vehicle that the truck that spilled radioactive cargo have become blind, while Matt rest of his collection of the senses. Under the harsh tutelage of a blind martial arts master Stick, Matt has mastered his senses and become formidable combat rising. He also attended law school at Columbia University, Matt, but before receiving his doctorate in law, his father was assassinated by agents of the fixer when he refused to give up the fight. Furious when the legal system is not able to bring to justice fixative, Matt became a father of boxing costume robe and went into action as "Daredevil", brutally beat the murderers of his father and intimidation set himself to death. Creating a small law firm in New York, Matt vowed to serve the law as Matt Murdock, and to combat the evils out of the reach of the law as Daredevil.

While the Punisher and Daredevil as the fight against crime in the streets of New York, often during the clash in the deadly tactics Punisher. Punisher apparently in an attitude of "Let God sort 'Em on Saturday Daredevil philosophy has never so strongly believes in justice and fair trial. Punisher Daredevil worked, if the association to take on the most egregious offenders, but also tried to keep fighting crime surveillance justice.

happy weekend everyone ^^
source by Sideshow Collectibles

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Statue

Ready or not, here comes Freddy!

This mind-blowing sculpture by Gentle Giant brings you the infamous Freddy Krueger in a creepy, chilling pose among a scattering of ghoulish broken toys. And he's looking straight at you. So, whatever you do, don't fall asleep! This intensely detailed resin portrayal of the heavy from A Nightmare on Elm Street stands 7-inches tall. It's a limited edition with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity. Are you ready to take Freddy with you? Limited edition to 1,500 pieces!

* Chilling, creepy pose.
* Gobs of detail and ghoulish broken toys!
* Limited edition.

On Elm Street, Nancy Thompson and a group of her friends are being tormented by a clawed killer in their dreams named Freddy Krueger. Nancy must think quickly, as Freddy tries to pick off his victims one by one. When he has you in your sleep, who's there to save you? So, whatever you do, don't fall asleep! Freddy Krueger just might come for you, too! The Freddy Krueger statue stands 7" tall, and includes a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Painted and ready to display.

credits by entertainment earth

Iron Man Life-Size Bust

Still with Marvel time, I would like to show you a true size of Iron Man, it is not a statue but bust. Sideshow Collectibles didn’t fail to impress with a presentation of their movie Iron Man lifesize bust announced earlier back year. The picture really makes you appreciate that polished chrome look it has to it. Sideshow is proud to partner with Stan Winston Studios to create a stunning Iron Man Life-Size bust in celebration of the upcoming Iron Man late movie.

Iron Man has been captured in 1:1 scale in his unique powered armor, taken directly from the molds used to create the film costume. The bust is cast in high-quality fiberglass, hand finished and hand painted to exacting standards, and features LED light-up glowing eyes. The light-up feature can be powered by the supplied power cord and wall plug, or it can be battery operated. Product Size: 24" H (609.6mm) x 19" W (482.6mm) x 13" L (330.2mm). Product Weight: 37.00 lbs (16.78 kg).

The light-up feature can be powered by the supplied power cord and wall plug (U.S. only), or it can be battery operated (batteries not included). The Life-Size Iron Man Bust is sure to be the centerpiece of any collection, and the perfect complement to any office or home theater.

Well we know that Tony Stark is a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man. A must have for all Iron Man fans.

Credit by Sideshow Collectibles

Rogue Sideshow Exclusive Edition

If you love X-Men, particularly the comics more so than the movies, then you already know Rogue is a very cool character from Marvel. In the movies she was played down as a child, but in the comics she’s bad-ass. She also has a hot husky voice too! Rogue is hot in all respects which is why die hard X-Men fans will no doubt be very interested in this replica statue based off art by critically acclaimed comic book artist Adam Hughes.

Sideshow Collectibles is offering fans a preview of their next Marvel Maquette, the beautiful X-heroine, Rogue. The Rogue Comiquette is cast in high quality polystone, direct from concepts and designs by superstar comic book artist Adam Hughes whose critically acclaimed illustration meets pin-up style has made him one of the industry's most sought-after artists and a perennial fan favorite. Hand painted and hand finished to exacting standards, the X-Men's southern belle is ready for the gloves to come off. But beware, for even the slightest touch from her bare skin will render you unconscious and powerless. Whether from her powerhouse punch or her delicate kiss, there is no doubt about it... Rogue is a real knockout.

The statue comes in the box in six pieces: the base with wall segment, the Rogue figure, Rogue’s right hand and glove, and three block pieces. It all comes together fairly easily, except for the hand and glove. You should be able to slide the right hand into the right wrist via a peg and hole assembly, and the fingertip of the glove should fit between the fingers of the opposite hand. There’s a common problem with this statue that cropped up with mine as well that has the right hand not fitting exactly correctly into the peg, causing the glove not to go between the fingers in just the right position.

A little things about Rogue

Rogue's mutant abilities are both fantastic and tragic. Able to temporarily absorb the memories and powers of others, she is one of the most powerful mutants of all. Due to the nature of her power, however, she is unable to allow her skin to make casual contact with anyone else, as she learned during her very first kiss. A young runaway from Mississippi, Rogue was taken in by Mystique and Destiny who raised her to be a part of their criminal exploits and a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. On her first mission, Rogue used her mutant ability on the heroine Ms. Marvel, but unable to fully control her powers, Rogue absorbed Ms. Marvel's memories and powers permanently. Although she gained super-strength, near invulnerability and flight from the encounter, she also became distraught over her lack of control. Rogue quickly realized she was a danger to others and sought the help of the X-Men who took her in and made her a member of their team.

Don’t waste time though, it won’t be available forever. This particular Rogue Comiquette Polystone Statue is actually being offered as a second-chance. If you’re into Rogue, check out more images of her replica statue at Sideshow Collectibles now.


RAH DX Shadow Moon

Whoopppss...This is saturday nite already, but I'm still here to accompany you with my new post about Masked Rider. I thought masked rider always had their fans in this whole world and some of you have the old time with this too. I'm glad to know you that you all likes Masked Rider. Long long time ago ^^ there was tokusatsu in our TV station, the title of that drama is "KESATRIA BAJA HITAM" and follow up by "KSATRIA BAJA HITAM RX". We all know Masked Rider Black is KSATRIA BAJA HITAM and Masked Rider Black RX is "KSATRIA BAJA HITAM RX". All heroes need villains, that is why there are Shadow Moon or we usually called it "BAYANGAN HITAM". This is the most likely antagonist character and also the brother of Kotaro Minami. Let me show you some picture of Shadow Moon and a little article about him.

Well before we talk about Shadow Moon, I'd like to share you some photos of Shadow Moon Action Doll, This is RAH DX Shadow Moon that released by April 2009. Actually the regular price is just for 18,690 yen but when it come to Indonesia, the price was rise high almost because it is the favourite toys and limited.

Century King Shadow Moon is a fictional character who serves as the primary antagonist in the Japanese tokusatsu drama Masked Rider BLACK. In all of Shadow Moon's appearances, he is voiced by Masaki Terasoma, including the 3D short film Masked Rider World. In Masked Rider SD, he is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa. Nobuhiko is played by Takahito Horiuchi.

Shadow Moon is the alter ego of Nobuhiko Akizuki, who had been abducted by Gorgom to become one of their new kings. Shadow Moon is both the stepbrother and rival to Kotaro Minami/Masked Rider BLACK (RX), both having been abducted by Gorgom in their childhood, with Kotaro escaping. Both utilize the Kingstone to transform and armed with the Satan Saber, a sword crafted specially used by the Century Kings. He was weakened by Masked Rider BLACK using the Satan Saber to slash the Kingstone and left him inside the Gorgom Headquarters when it explodes.

5 years later, he mysteriously resurface to seek revenge against Kotaro Minami. He now uses the twin Shadow Sabers similar to the Satan Saber gained from the Crisis Empire. He was finally defeated by RX when he thrust the Revolcane through his Kingstone. He turned good shortly before he died and finally reverted to Nobuhiko.

Masked Rider Black RX, Shadow Moon, and Masked Rider Black

Thats enough for today hopes you enjoy the show and have a nice weekend for you all ^^...
Source by Wikipedia

MG Gundam Exia issue

hello bloggers, long time no see ^^. Sorry for the late because I didn't post or even walking talking to your blog,,,pardon me LOL... Now I would like to share new issues about Gundam, I now this is not a quiet new but it still hot among Gundam Lovers.
Yes, finally Bandai will release Master Grade Gundam Exia in July at the 48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009.

Just take a look at those pictures..
I think there isn’t much improvements from HG 1/100 Gundam Exia, the proportions isn’t really all that fantastic as compared to GMRevo’s Exia and WonderExcellence’s Exia. Actually I am MG lovers, so it doesn't matter to me.

Actually some parts for Exia-Re is actually included.

Well the box art is great too... Will you interested with this hot stuff??

MG Gundam Exia is set for July release, with the Regular version priced at 3,990 Yen, and the Ignition Mode priced at 6,875 Yen (inclusive of tax), with Ignition Mode First Batch Release Ver. - 5,250 Yen. With the latter release to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the MG series. So hold your breath and begin to think if it is the right thing for you to buy or not... ^^

see more pictures on Ngee Khiong

Awards From Kautsar

hallooo bloggers, ga tau kenapa dari kemaren lagi ga napsu, eh lagi ga mood buat posting nih. ga tau kenapa,, tapi show must go on nih, daripada bengong aje mending aku ngerjain pr award dari sobat kita Kautsar nih weheheh...sebelumnya mo nampilin poto yang bener2 ku suka momennya.
Ga tau kenapa nih paling demen ama ni poto, baru nemu tadi pas ngecekin forum. customan dari orang2 edan disono yg bikin pasukan Shocker Riders. Pada kesempatan kali ini(ya ampun bahasanya) Pasukan Shocker Riders berhasil menjatuhkan dan nginjekin kepalanya Masked Rider 1 (Ichigo). Keren banget dia ber pose wehehehehe...

Trus buat yang ngikutin Masked Rider Decade series yg saat ini baru mencapai episode 16, ada form baru dari Decade. Terlihat lebih sangar dengan lebih banyak warna hitam dan peminimalan warna pink dari bentuk original Decade. Tapi kok jadinya bikin ENEG ya?? coba liat deh di dadanya ada poto 9 Riders dan di jidad ada poto Decade, emangnya dia mo jual poto apa?? bahh...

yang agak mendingan mungkin form baru nya Kuuga nih, ga jelas jg apa nama bentuk nya tapi overall lumayan keren lah klo di bandingin satu badut diatas wehehehhe... kumbang satu ini terlihat lebih sangar dari bentuk2 sebelumnya walaupun bentuk Ultimate Kuuga lebih manteb lagi ^^.

naaahhh, saatnya nampilin awardnya nih, award2 ini telah di serah terima dari sobat bloggers Kautsar Blog. thanks banget ya buat award2 nya & maap baru sempet di kerjain ^^. lanjut...

Rules yang menyertai nya.... ^^

1. Letakkan gambar awardnya di blogmu.
2. Pasang link ke pemberi award.
3. Sebarkan award ini ke blog lainnya.
4. Pasang link ke penerima award.
5. Tinggalkan pesan di shoutbox atau post comment.

seperti biasa, award ini ditujukan kepada semua teman bloggers yang selalu setia untuk singgah duduk nongkrong di sini ^^...jadi silahkan award ini diambil ya, gratis kok weheheheh...

Marvel Legend Giant Man Series

hello there...I would like to share the old figures about Marvel Legend series, after the last Apocalypse series right now it is turn for Giant Man series. lets rock...!!

The Giant Man series consists of Havok, Kitty Pryde, Age of Apocalypse Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse Sabertooth, Captain Britain, Ant Man, Warbird, Sentry, and Thor. There are two well known variants, pictured on the back of the card, of a bearded Sentry and bald Wolverine. I haven't found the variants, of course, but the other nine are up for tonight's review.

If you're a fan of Marvel Legends, than the sculpts here won't surprise you in the least. If you have hated past ML waves, then there's nothing about this one that's going to change your mind.

They've done a very nice job with her sculpt. Unlike some of the manly female characters we've seen in more recent waves, Warbird is downright cute, with a great facial sculpt, expression and hair. The hair's a bit big, and sculpted as a separate piece, but that means they were able to use a softer plastic, allowing the neck articulation to work a little better with the long hair.

Giant Man is a character that has been begging for the Build-a-figure treatment since the concept was started. The Giant Man figure from the 5 inch scale Avengers box set made a reasonable stand-in. It even warranted a repaint to get an off model Goliath figure. But here we have a real Marvel Legends scaled, fully articulated figure that is on model. With forty six points of articulation, he can be posed as well as any Marvel Legends figure. The use of ratcheting joints helps the figure to support the extra weight. The only real draw back is putting him together. Unlike previous BAF's that were composed of six or seven pieces, you need ten pieces to build Giant Man. If you are having trouble with the math, there's a good reason for it. There are ten pieces needed to complete Giant Man but only nine characters in the series. You have to buy either version of Sentry, both versions of Weapon X and the other seven figures to complete the good Doctor Pym. Fortunately the variants are easier to come by than with previous waves, but this does make it even harder and much more expensive to be able to make use of the build-a-figure feature.

From right to left : Apocalypse, Galactus, Giant Man, and Sentinel

While these figures might have some issues here and there, there's not doubt that the make for great toys. Sometimes the articulation is actually too much for kids, and some of these characters might leave them cold, but the overall concept and general execution proves once again that an action figure can be a great toy, and still look cool on the shelf.


RAH DX Masked Rider Kuuga Mighty Form

Medicom Toy will release the Real Action Heroes DX RAH Masked Rider Kuuga (Mighty Form) RAH 436 this coming May 2009. This item is retailed at 17,600yen in Japan. This is really perfect to complete your Masked Rider 12-inches collection!

Here is a little information about Masked Rider Kuuga.
Masked Rider Kuuga is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It is the tenth installment in the popular Masked Rider Series of tokusatsu shows. It was a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei, and was shown on TV Asahi from January 30, 2000 to January 21, 2001. The catchphrase for the series is "A New Hero, A New Legend".

Kuuga is the protagonist and eponymous character of the 2000 Masked Rider Series, Masked Rider Kuuga. Kuuga is the only Masked Rider appearing in the series. His motif is the stag beetle. Kuuga's name in Japanese comes from the readings for "clear-self".

Kuuga is the Masked Rider with most forms to date, 11 in total. Aside from his first form, Growing Form, he had four base forms that he relied on and would upgrade throughout the series. His armor would change color depending on the form. Like the Go Grongi, Kuuga can alter any item he has into a weapon by temporary changing its atomic structure. The Rising version of each Form's statistics are placed in parentheses. The Amazing Mighty Form's statistics are placed in brackets.

Mighty Form is Kuuga's default form and has red armor, originally referred to by the police as Unidentified Life Form #4. Yuusuke was first able to transform into this form while fighting Zu-Gooma-Gu. In this form, Kuuga uses his "Mighty Kick" attack to kill the monsters. Mighty Form was enhanced by the golden power into Rising Mighty Form, with golden trimmings. The Mighty Anklet is equipped in the right leg, upgrading Kuuga's attack to "Rising Mighty Kick", which causes the target to explode with a 3000 meter radius of the area. By episode 46, Kuuga's Rising Mighty Form has become permanent and was further advanced into the black-armored Amazing Mighty Form, with the Mighty Anklet equipped on both legs for use of the "Amazing Mighty Kick" dropkick attack.

Source by wikipedia

Joey's Blood Signature on his stick

Pro-Mark is proud to announce that Joey Jordison, drummer of the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal powerhouse, Slipknot, Pro-Mark joined the impressive list of autographs from artists.

The TX515W Joey Jordison model is .551” (14mm) in diameter, and 16” long. Made of American Hickory, the TX515W is based on the popular 777 design but slightly shorter in length. The round wood tip provides exceptional articulation, power and consistency. The diameter is the same as the company’s best-selling 5A, so it is a practical stick as well, that should enjoy universal appeal. A Japanese oak version (PW515) of the same stick will be made available at a later date.

The stick features the tribal S that all Slipknot fans have come to know and love as well as Joey’s number “1.” The red ink on the sticks has even been mixed with Joey’s blood!

Said Joey of the sticks, “The first wood stick I ever played was a Pro-Mark, so I’m thrilled to be joining the family! To show everyone just how serious I am about my new signature 515s, I’ve even gone as far as putting my own blood in the ink for them. It's not just my signature on these sticks, it's me.”

Fans got to witness Joey playing the sticks for the first time on the band’s recent sold out ALL HOPE IS GONE headline arena tour in the United States. The band is set to hit the road later this month in Canada and the Midwest, and they head to Europe this June to headline some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Download, Roskilde, Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park, among others!

Joey Jordison signature in TX515W models will be available for sale on 5-15-09 at 5:15 pm.

Source by

Iron Spider-Man Statue

Here we go again with Spider-Man statue from Marvel. It isn't quite new actually, but it sure made a great oportunity for us to buy it ^^. Hopes you enjoy the show...

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Iron Spider-Man Comiquette, the latest addition to our Marvel Collectibles line. This includes thoroughly detailed database FEATURING intricate blend of stone in the ruins. Iron Spider-Man Comiquette is cast in high quality polystone, hand painted and hand finished to exacting standards. No Marvel display is complete without this amazing collectible, the Iron Spider-Man Comiquette.

After the death of more than 600 civilians during a failed reality show tracking FEATURING heroes villains, the government approved a superhero registration law. This law divided the heroes of the United States, forcing them to choose to support the law and deal with it. The two heroes set out to extremes, as Iron Man took over the pro-registration camp, while Captain America chose to keep the record to fight camp.

Iron Man Under the leadership of Peter Parker decided to make public his identity, and recorded himself. This prompted Iron Man to design a new costume for Spider-Man. This new costume, using much of the technology of Stark in the armor of Iron Man has three retractable spider-built weapons in the back. The new suit offered Spider-Man advanced surveillance capabilities, bulletproofing Further, the ability to breathe underwater, and a number of other features including the ability to become invisible cloaking based on advanced technologies.

Source by Sideshow Collectibles

Awards from Fajar Design

wah kita ketemu lagi nihh malem cuma mo ngerjain award tp sebelumnyo mo ngasi liat keisengan orang jepang dlm membuat statue figure One Piece. wah wah, mereka emank pada gila klo dah cinta, tuh liat aja baju Monkey D. Luffy yang warna ijo baru dia pake pas ketemu sama salah satu dari Sichibukai, Handcock sang wanita ular ^^.

Nah kepala2 yang nongol di statue ini adalah Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Garp, Crocodile, Shirohige, dan Handcock. hmmm lumayan nih, tapi pastinya yang ginian bakal masuk di lelang Yahoo ato YAJ( Yahoo Auction Japan). Harganya bakal jadi 7 Digit nih, walau dikata ni statue masih kasar tapi ni barang cuma ada satu2 nya di dunia... Orang2 gila bakal berebut hahahaha...

nah....saatnya ngerjain award dari temen kita Fajar Design nih...thanks banget yah buat awardnya hohoho... kayaknya ga ada rules ato aturan nih,,,jd cuma bisa posting gambarnya doank wehehehe...

nah segitu aja dulu ya...thanks bgt buat awardnya & smoga blog ini tetep bisa menampilkan postingan yg tidak membosankan mata sobat blogger sekalian..^^

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