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Marvel Legends 12 - Apocalypse Series

Marvel Legends continue to roll along, and provide collectors with some of the best versions of their favorite characters. Oh, these figures aren't perfect, and some find the uber-articulation annoying rather than exciting, but there's no doubt the line is a hit. The 12th series is now out, called the "Apocalypse" series. And why is it called that? Because this set continues the tradition started with waves 9 and 10, and includes one piece with each of the six figures that you can use to build the full scale Apocalypse figure.

Lets collect them all....!!!

The six figures in the wave are Bishop, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Maestro, Sasquatch, and X-23. Not exactly the A-list, but many of these are fan favorites, and it should be no surprise that the least interesting in concept usually ends up the most interesting in execution. Each figure also comes with a comic book, which is a nice touch but nothing spectacular.






Iron Fist

Packaging - ***
Nothing new here - clamshells, with decent insert cards. There's actually character specific info on the back of each, which gets them some additional brownie points.

Accessories - ****
Here's the thing - most of these figures don't have much in the way of accessories. But they do have one thing in common - the pieces to build Apocalypse. The 'build a figure' (or BAF) concept is certainly not new, and it's not even unique this year. Other companies like Palisades and Mezco have used it recently with solid success. But Toybiz has taken this concept to a whole new dimension with the three BAF's they've done so far - Sentinel, Galactus, and now Apocalypse. These figures are better than any of the 6" characters, with excellent articulation, great sculpts, and bang up paint jobs. I've never recommended that you buy a figure just for the accessories before, but you really should consider it just to get the 'Pocky.

Fun Factor - ***1/2
Kids will love these figures. They aren't going to be recognizable to them, but the character designs are cool enough that it won't make much difference. X-23 might not make much of a hit, but characters like Sasquatch, Maestro and Bishop are just too cool visually not to be fun. Some of the articulation might get frustrating for little kids. I know my son gets a frustrated with Maestro, because he tends to topple over so easily. But in general, these will be loved by any kid looking for new superheroes to add to the arsenal.

Source from tmnttoys


Ali Munandar said...

wuih nice for souvenier ..

@ Coy said...

wah keren banget nih hehe x21 bagus banget hehe...

LEon said...

very classic figures. cool!

RiP666 said...

@ali munandar
yo'i bro...:D

@ @ Coy
lumayan lah bro

thanks bro..

tripzibit said...

Apik tenan ik. Aku yo pengen dolanan sing koyo ngene

aphied said...

cool. . .!

RiP666 said...

ojo neko neko yo

yehahaha... yes it is

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

A friend of mine has Apocalypse displayed on his office desk. I always played wif it when I visit him. It's huge! Hee! Hee!

RiP666 said...

i have it too, but only the apocalypse, not include 6" figures, because i just bought the apocalypse from my friend

masakan kita said...

waw...bagus nian galak klo dikasih

didiet said...

kamen rider decade....kapaaaan

BLOGGER Pemula said...

Mantaaaaaaap bro... gue demen sama pahlawan2 Marvel..

RiP666 said...

@masakan kita
aku jg maooo klo dikasih hohoho

huhuhu decade ntar uiii...

@blogger pemula
sep bro...ntar kpn2 tak posting yg laen lagi

Lyla said...

hehehe... souvenir dong buat yang setia berkunjung hehe... ngarep dot com

bunda 4zka said...

Weh,...bagus2 tuh
ada spideman gak??

ririn said...

masa sih anak2 bakalan suka? kan serem gitu ripp, tampangnya.. hahaha...

RiP666 said...

hihihi klo ada lebih mba' ya

@bunda 4zka
hehehe spidey ada sih, blm pernah posting

yah tergantung rin, mungkin anak2 yg serem yg suka hahaha

Game_Lover said...

Friend you have nice collection about superhero.

So nice and cool

RiP666 said...

thanks ^^

The Rebel said...

Nice review..I assume u already have this series in ur collection...heheh...

Wasn't this released years ago during the golden Toybiz era? Heheh....ppl might get confused...i.e. "Is this the latest re-release from HASBRO to rip off Toybiz' popularity?"...:p

RiP666 said...

@the rebel
thanks, i just try to review it, because i like it very much, although it was an old figures lol

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