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MSIA Devil Gundam has Arrived

Yesterday is my lovely day. Because my Devil Gundam has arrived safely ^^... I've been waiting it for a long time ago hehehe...and many thanks to dennis who give me a chance for selling his collections to me so that I can continue to complete my Devil Gundam stuff. fiiuuuhh...what a great day today.

The box is still MIB (Mint in Box) and absolutely pure, I love to hug it very much ^^ and I won't opened it until the time it's true hahaha...

The box is quite big. If it is compare with Masked Rider Faiz on the left side...The box is big enough to kick him out ^^... But if it is compare with Apocalypse on the right side, Apocalyspe much taller than it. It means the box is about 30cm tall.

So far, my Devil Gundam collections still in progress...I hopes to catch another stuff and I still need your hand for helping me to find about it.

well...that's it for today. happy weekend for all.


Jcee said...

That is sweeett!!! Is it an action figure?!?! I see Faiz too! Going to check to see if you have a Faiz post

RiP666 said...

thanks Jcee...yes it is MSIA, gundam action figure.. yup there is S.I.C Faiz too..just had a check ^^

didiet said... pesananku mana gundam katanya mau dikirim kerumah kapaaann

RiP666 said...

wehehehe...wah brarti salah kirim donk,, bok ya langsung di ambil ke sini ya hahaha

@ Coy said...

Klo MSIA Devil Gundam ini bagian bawahnya kurang keren tuh habis bagian bawah kayak kepala tapi kaki..

apa lagi pas berbentuk SD GUndam makin aneh...

RiP666 said...

@ @coy
iya bro, ada bbrp versi devil gundam, ada yg kakinya kayak cacing2 gitu, ada jg yg kakinya bisa jadi kepala gundam gede...hohoho aneh tp aku suka banget

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! MSIA Devil Gundam indeed is well received. Always feel good to see a toy being appreciated and adore by a serious collector. Cheers!

ifat said...

buat kado ultah adek, kyknya seneng banget dia...sayang mahal :D heheh

Muhammad Sholeh said...

Jadi inget masa kecil nich..dulu sering bangert aku mainin figure kayak gitu..toip abiz dech..!!!!

RiP666 said...

weheheheh many thanks to you bro. ^^ I realy grateful

hehehe klo buat kado adek ada kok yg murah2 aja...klo yg mahal ntar rusak :(

@Muhammad Sholeh
wah dh maen figure dari kecil nih bro ^^ aku aja baru 2tahun ini weheheh

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