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60 cm Big Tony Tony. Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece , the shape-shifting little reindeer who's found a life of adventure as doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, has already inspired a slew of great toys...
but a character this special deserves something even greater, and here it is: this nearly 2-foot-tall statue! Made of PVC and ABS, this fantastic likeness is spot-on, and is all the more striking in this impressive size! Chopper's arms can be raised and lowered, and his hooved "hands" swivel at the wrists; otherwise, this is a fixed-pose statue. His eyes have been created with care, pupils set into his head beneath a layer of clear plastic. This item is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure. It does not require either cement or paint to complete or use.
He comes complete with a removable fabric backpack, an ABS reproduction of the Amiudake mushroom he found for his beloved Dr. Hiruluk, and a sturdy dollstand-like base, decorated with Chopper's own Jolly Roger, that holds him securely. His hat and pants are molded on so are not removable, but he can be put on and taken off his base, and can carry the mushroom or not--it's up to you! Truly a masterpiece!


Filthy room said...

lol..this one looks so cool, friendly looking toy....

aphied said...

aphied mw tas nya yg biaru...
so cool...

~~Devita~~ said...

lucu banget......

pengen... eh tapi merangkai sendiri yah??

RiP666 said...

sure it is

kita patungan ya phied, aku chopper nya aphied dapet tas nya hehe

ga mba', itu figure dah jadi, kayak patung gitu..cuma bisa gerak tangan doank

Admin said...

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elmo said...

ya ammpun choppeer!!hihi lutuna.. wah,kalo chero liat ni bisa ngiler :D

Lyla said...

wah... lucu2 bonekanya :)

riRiN! said...

waduwww... so cute..

kalo beli semua pasti mahal..
jadi beli bagian terimut aja..

dan.. bagian paling oke..adalah..

mo beli jamurnya aja bisa ga ripp??

beneran,, itu, jamurnya.. imut2,,wakakak

RiP666 said...


hehe kasih liat donk

bener, chopper emank imut

iya, koleksi smua kru ya mahal...
jamur ntu kan ada sejarahnya buat chopper, minta ijin dulu ah ama dia ^^

xero said...

wah ini aku liat ditoko di surabaya, harganya 2,5jt!!! guede banget choppernya...jadi pengen! berhubung saya fans banget ama karakter rusa hidung biru ini hehehehe

Mailbog ClickMarbin said...

cute stuff

RiP666 said...

wohoho...harganya naek jauh klo dah sampe indo...hehehe
manteb kan bro...

thx bro

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