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International Tokyo Toys Show 2008

The Tokyo Toy Show which is organized by the JTA is the largest toy exhibition in Japan.
It had provided opportunities to introduce new products and develop business relationships, thus attracting many toy retailers, distributors and other toy-related business people.
The Tokyo Toy Show 2007 held on June 28 - June 1, 2007 was a great success with 111,619 visitors, an increase of 21,640 in attendance from the previous show.

Still about Batman
more photos from International Tokyo Toys Show 2008
Hot Toys 1/6 Batmobile

More more more
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Ridho said...

Replika mobil batmannya keren banget, bisa keluar motor gak dari dalemnya ?

RiP666 said...

emank keren bro,,itu skala 1/6...
pengen nya sih bisa,,tp yg motor nya dijual terpisah hehe

Lyla said...

wah... kok keren sih... tapi nyampe di indonesia mahal hiks2 said...

I love Batman but not robin!

artofreed said...

Cool toys !!

RiP666 said...

harganya bikin nangis T-T

i love joker

for sure

Anonymous said...

mathap tuh (kemaren hampir aja beli CS1 edisi Batman,tau spech nya dibawah MX ga jadi dehh,mahal amiiirrr)

bena said...

cool stuff! and they seem to be expensive.. hmmm..

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