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Slipknot will definitely be making a fifth album.

Here are some excerpts from an interview Big Cheese Magazine conducted with Corey Taylor.

"I remember walking out on to the second stage here (West Palm Beach, FL) at Ozzfest in '99," Corey says, recalling Slipknot's first major tour: "People heard the noise and started running over the hills towards us. It was insane. When we first started playing there were probably about five hundred kids. By the end of it the entire field was packed, and people were just staring at us. They were like 'What is this?' And it was like that every show..."

And it's good to hear Taylor insist that the journey's not over yet. Every previous album (including 'IOWA' which caused shockwaves by going straight into the UK charts at number one, abover other new entries 'Is This It' by The Strokes and 'kingsize' by pop group Five) has been released amidst rumours that it might be the band's last, but Corey says Slipknot will definitely be making a fifth album.

Big Cheese Magazine


BloGendeng said...

Wah nih koleksinya mantap,bro..

ririn said...

huakaka... ripp, coba deh ke

kalian sejenis tuhh,,, postingnya slipknot.. sampe ga ngerti saya,, weekekeke...

ikut geleng2 aja ah,, :D

RiP666 said...

thx bro

huhuhuhu thx info nya rin..
jenis nya apa tp??

Tom said...

i've heard about this 5th album, it's gonna be called death calls

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