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Hellboy II Premium Format Statue

Still remember Hellboy ?? Now I would like to share a great statue about Hellboy II: The Golden Army.
This statue include the main figure, the base, his left hand, and his tail. They fit together easily, as long as you take a little care and don't try to force anything. Pay particular attention to the tail, since it's meant to go in one way. The overall sculpt is excellent, and I love the selected pose. Yes, it's from the poster and other movie marketing ephemeral, but it's also dynamic and dangerous. They've gone with the perfect expression for the pose as well. The sculpted tattoos on his body are present, although removing his coat to check for all of them would be a bit tricky. The overall statue reaches 22", but much of that is the base. The volume his body takes up - chest, arms, legs - seems to be less than you'd expect, even considering the crouched pose.

The paint is great. The dark red color looks great, and the black hair is clean and neat. The eyes are very sharp, clean and even, and have a slight gloss to give them that wet look.

The exclusive version includes an accessory: a second left hand. The normal hand holds the Samaritan, and the additional hand holds Big Baby. This is one of those times where the exclusive accessory really is well worth picking up, especially if you want this statue to clearly be a Hellboy II version. If you already have the first version, having the Big Baby in his hand really helps differentiate this one.

The hands swap easily with care, and the post fits tightly enough in the wrist so that it shouldn't fall out on its own. I included a side by side comparison shot of the two weapons in his hand to give you a sizing relative to the body and to each other.

The original intent behind Sideshow's Premium Format figure was to produce statues that were constructed from mixed media. That meant not just polystone or polyresin, but cloth, leather, metal, plastic, and other components. Hellboy is one that uses a wide range of goodies to produce the final realistic look. The clothing includes plastic, cloth, leather and metal aspects, and this mixture really makes him stand out. The cloth coat is the most obvious feature. It's made from a thin material that's in proper scale, with high quality stitching and a very nice dark lining. The leather collar and straps look great, and they've added wires around the wider collar (around his shoulders, not his neck) and along the bottom of both jacket flaps. This allows the coat to flair out at the bottom in various ways, depending on the look you're going for. The wire in the collar is also crucial, allowing you to get the coat in just the right spot around the shoulders and keep it there.

The black leather pants have plenty of stitching details, and are very well tailored. There's a snap in back to allow you to get the tail on and positioned properly. It takes a little effort to get this re-snapped around his tail once it's on, but the pants are made from a fairly stretchy, microfiber sort of material (not true leather, but a material that certainly looks like it) that has enough give to allow the pants to snap together again with a little work.

The leather belt includes a ton of pouches (glued shut), as well as his leather holster on the right and several important trinkets, like his rosary and a couple monkey skulls. The outfit is very impressive, and this kind of work is what sets apart the truly great Premium Format figures from just another statue on the shelf.

This is the nicest Premium Format statue from Sideshow. source by mwctoys


kwangkxz said...

Good info, article and picture.

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Sigit said...

kalau Hellboy berubah jadi KR mungkin jadi keren ya..ehhehe

RiP666 said...

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Arief said...

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RiP666 said...

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Seri said...

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RiP666 said...

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Blog Sederhana said...

gambar2nya keren2 sob..
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good blog..

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belly said...

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ReMo-XP said...

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RiP666 said...

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@ Coy said...

semuanya keren n detail....
tapi klo q lihat mukanya dari dekat kok imut bnget q lihat hehe...

RiP666 said...

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riRiN! said...

the eyes have a slight gloss to give them that wet look..
maksudnya, berbinar2 gitu, ripp? hehehe..

yah, yah, hellboy blom pernah nonton ni ah,,payah..

RiP666 said...

hehehe yup, itu matanya kayak asli klo diliat ^^

wah di tonton dunk rin, mayan buat hiburan hohoho

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