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Fantastic Four Diorama

Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Comics are proud to present the Fantastic Four Diorama. The sculpture reflects the best of each character; Mr. Fantastic's talent for stretching, the Human Torch's gift for flame and flight, The Invisible Woman's grace, beauty, and power, and the Thing's massive, imposing presence. Each diorama is cast in high quality polystone, hand finished and hand painted to exacting standards.
The exclusive version is limited to 550 & comes with a pair of interchangeable Invisible Women.


While the experimental tests of a ship Star of land, three NASA scientists and two pilots suddenly exposed to cosmic radiation. They recovered consciousness and found that the only authority was granted to each of them. Reed Richards, Susan Richards, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm were not mere mortals, they had become the Fantastic Four!

Since its debut in 1961, served as the first Fantastic Four Marvel super-hero team. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby partnership to create a super-power of the family, with human weaknesses and brawls. Fantastic Four have played an important role in the transition to a more "human" stories, but their adventure has always been extravagant and unconscionable, and the villains are among the most massive and powerful symbols intended.

Fantastic Four
Mr. Fantastic : Reed Richards

The Invisible Woman : Susan Richards

invisible version

the Thing : Ben Grimm

the Human Torch : Johnny Storm

More detail info at Sideshow Collectibles


Ananto said...

wah dah rame aja maenannya :D

Medan Blogger said...

yah macam tuhlah indonesia bang, padahal kadang yang gak punya ijazah lebih ahli :D, karena yang punya ijazah pun kadang ijazahnya abal abal bukan hasil keringat sendiri, macam lagu iwan fals ajah Mahasiswa banyak baca ... KHO PING HO kata iwanfals, ijazah buat pajangan

RiP666 said...

hehe iya bro

@medan blogger
opo iki??

Zone said...

This fantasic four diorama looks sweet

didiet said...

eh rip yang buat aku ngiler mainan kaixa kemain..aku demam banget ama yang namanya tokusatsu dan anime, tapi kali kartun amrik kayak Fantastic aku kurang doyan

tripzibit said...

Susan Richards sexy bgt bro hehehe...

RiP666 said...


hehehe tenang aje bro...ntar tak posting lg tokusatsu nya..

apalagi klo jesica alba yg maen ^^

My Journey said...

superman sama hulk menang mana yak??? kyknya sama2 kuat nih :)

RiP666 said...

@my journey
haha blm pernah liat bro...
soalnya superman buatan DC comic & hulk buatan marvel. klo bisa di tandingkan pasti seru tuh hihihi

jacker said...

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