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sorry for the delayed. i have some examination to do, and still for the next following day.
first, i want to thank you for keep visiting my poor blog. i hope you enjoy the show.
because, without you all my blog just nothing...
and the second, i had reach 100 posts right now....yiipiii... last the show must go on...

I had posted about Spawn about the previous week. let me show you some great figure of Spawn tonight...


Spawn VII is the massive, brooding and incredibly detailed deluxe boxed set from the Series 21 lineup. Spawn VII is based on art found in Spawn issue #83 and includes the base and throne.

This figure is one of the most unique spawn figures made since the creation of the toy line. The obvious influence of the toy is Hamlets contemplation of the skull which is why this figure is so unique and a great buy. This is one of the best figures to come out of the line and is most definitely going to be a collectors item.

Spawn VII (boxed set) is 9 5/8 inches to the top of the throne. The figure is articulated at the neck, both shoulders, both forearms, right wrist, hips, right shin and left ankle for a total of 10 joints. His billowing cape is molded in soft PVC and the brooding Spawn VII comes with the throne, a rat-infested base and a skull to hold.


Seno said...

blog keren begini dibilang poor blog. muantabs. owh, gundam itu film robot toh, jadi tahu. kalo ada game yang gratisnya boleh juga he..h.e.. maunya yang gratisan

tripzibit said...

serem banget mukanya...

ekstravaganza said...

blog u keren bro boleh gua nitip link di coment ini tks ya . .

kejar cita2 setinggi langit

kemarin gua jalan2 ketemu mantan gua lagi jalan sama monyetnya gua jadi inget lagi segala kebencian terhadap tu jablay. .

Anonymous said...

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Lyla said...

wah.. lagi ujian ya... gimana hasilnya??? bagus gak nilai2nya

didiet said...

kereeen amiiiittttt

RiP666 said...

hihihihi aku jg taunya game ps2 nya... klo yg gratisan mah aku jg mau ^^

iya, muka spawn emank serem n manteb

thanks, silakan

let me think it more ^^

iya mba', tp ni dah selesai kmren, hasilnya blm tau, moga aja memuaskan


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