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Super Imaginative Chogokin (S.I.C.) is a popular toy line featuring figures based on characters created by Shotaro Ishinomori and later his production company.
The S.I.C product line is made up of 1/10th-scale action figures (typical height is 7"/18cm). The line debuted in December 1998 with its first figure, Volume 01: Kikaider. Popularity grew for S.I.C due to its reimagination of the original comic book character.S.I.C. pays homage to the late Ishinomori Shotaro. The designs of S.I.C. reinterprets the original artwork by Ishinomori. The first ten volumes were only statuettes that were mounted on a stand but Volume 11: Side Machine and Kikaider marked a milestone for S.I.C. The figure was given very articulate joints because this set included a figure and a bike.

From my opinion, S.I.C is the best action figure in it line. volume 01 until volume 10 are semi - statue. But started on volume 11, S.I.C made the awesome action figure. On volume 28 : masked rider faiz, showed with new articulation that made the figure to do almost every pose like kick, squat, etc...

Just now S.I.C had been through at volume 41 : masked Rider X & apolo geist. S.I.C Volume 42 : Masked rider Den-o & momotaro will be realese in July . I'm really wanted this S.I.C after saw the spoilers.

S.I.C series are worthed to colect. especially the limited series.


KangJoko said...

jadi inget waktu kecil... tukeran link ya biar nambah teman nich...

KangJoko said...

linknya ud saya pasang cek aja :)

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