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Slipknot – Spreading The Sickness In 2008!

Slipknot are a 9 piece heavy metal band from des Moines, Iowa and were the first band to be signed to Ross Robinson's I AM Records imprint through Roadrunner Records. A masked Des Moines nine-piece.. Obviously not your usual rock band! But when you think about it now it seems like nothing, but I was thirteen when the first major Slipknot album came out. Slipknot are a great metal band and their live shows are un-miss able and are one of the few bands working today whose live show transcends the medium - a Slipknot show is an event unto itself. The nine-members of Slipknot are known for wearing nefarious masks and matching jumpsuits during every public appearance, but don't think it's all a gimmick. Slipknot are trying to say that you shouldn't give a fu*k, or be judged by others and you shouldn't answer to anyone or anything. Do you think Slipknot are satanic? Once again: SLIPKNOT ARE NOT SATANISTS AND THEY ARE NOT ANTI-CHRISTIANS!

Side Projects
You see, those side projects (Murderdolls, To My Surprise and Stone Sour) have been done, Slipknot are back, and fans are in for a surprise. Taylor showed some of his Stone Sour side on the last Slipknot album, "Vol. 3". I stared in disbelief at the very possibility of a Slipknot album without a single swearword. The guitars, when they are heavy, are slow power chords played in typical progressions that you would hear on all previous Slipknot albums. The latest Slipknot album will really need to prove this in my eyes.

New Studio Album
On April 19, 2007, the band's website posted a news article stating that a new Slipknot album will surface in 2008. It's better than it's made out to be, because this album is a Slipknot album which makes a lot of people expecting a lot of anger. The good news is, Joey Jordison Promises it will be the "Heaviest Slipknot Album". SLIPKNOT are working on new album, which means new masks, new attitude, new sickness; Slipknot are back and loving every minute. But of course SLIPKNOT are set to take on their critics on their new album and will they be up for the challenge?

Everybody thinks that Slipknot music is stupid and freely violent. Fans will immediately "get it", while those with pre-conceived agendas will be challenged to re-think their definition of what Slipknot are all about!


ririn said...

so... are you slipknot fans? :-?

RiP666 said...

yes i am...
it is the maggots..

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