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HG 1/144 Devil Gundam

This time i want to make a review about HG 1/144 Devil Gundam. I bought this model kit from seller in forum. I really wanted this model kit. The reason is the model kit is really great, unique form, bigger than normal mobile suit usually, and many good side from this model kit from my opinion. Devil gundam is the antagonist from Gundam G.
This is the outside box & inside the box
The box is smaller than 1/100 model kit box or above.
It was really nice to hold it & to take a look for several minutes.
after all i have this thing. ^.^

I started from the head part based on the instruction book. The langguage was in Japan, i don't understand the langguage but the instruction picture was explicit to understand. I hope i can use Japanese langguage someday...

This is the head part…Sorry if the picture was not clear

This is the body part

After that we move to the hands part….
The shoulder was unique….

I don't like this for sure…ck…ck…ck…
But it wasn't matter anymore

The waist part is the special because it was like huge gundam face…
This part really interesting & unique one…^.^

This is the leg part …

This is the final form....
This pose when devil gundam is in mobile suit modeAnd this pose when devil gundam is in mobile armor
Finally this is the end of my review about HG 1/144 Devil Gundam


Anonymous said...

hobby yg okeh ,,,
tapi beLi nya pake duid gaji gw
haaaaa capeeeeek deeeeeeeh

Anonymous said...

sangar bgt gundam nya bro...

Anonymous said...

nice gudam but the owner not nice...hahahhahahahhhahahahhah

Setsuna said...

I love that gundam in mobile armor form :D

Anonymous said...

Etwas komisch, aber durchaus interessant!

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