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Final Fantasy VII Static Arts Sephiroth PVC

Over a decade since the release of Final Fantasy VII, "Final Fantasy VII" antagonist Sephiroth stands alone as the ultimate villain of the Final Fantasy franchise, reviled for his brutal killing of Aerith, the flower girl. Now, the villain stands revealed in the Final Fantasy VII Static Arts: Sephiroth Statue, which brings the character to imposing life as a 14 1/4" tall PVC statue. The seductiveness of evil is reflected in each carefully wrought line, putting a human face on this symbol of vileness that no Final Fantasy fan will want to miss!

It is immortalized in marvelous 3D detail as this gorgeously finished 36cm PVC statue! "Final Fantasy VII" antagonist Sephiroth is captured summoning the cataclysmic flaming Meteor (represented as a display base) and holding his incredibly long Masamune sword. Be sure to clear plenty of shelf space for this stand-out display piece, it'll surely be the center of attention in any collection!

This figure is beautiful. It's a piece with so much majesty that I feel it could be displayed in any room of the house. If you've held back on buying an effigy of Sephiroth until now and you can't quite bring yourself to choke up the $350 to buy the Masterpiece Arts version, this version is the way to go.

Static Arts Sephiroth retails for $149.99 and is now available through HLJ. If you prefer classic Sephiroth to his Advent Children incarnation, I think you'll be very pleased with this figure -- it's definitely worth the price.


Rantaro said...

wah keren sephiroth

ini dia game FF yang belum tamat smpe skrg wkwkwk
smua FF gk ad yang tamat T,T

RiP666 said...

weheheheh...aku aja cm perna tamat ff IX doank bro ^^...yg laen pada gantung smua

Kautsar said...

wah keren bos
bsok maenan mana lagi yaa ?

RiP666 said...

thanks sob ^^ ditunggu aja ya wheheh

yanuar catur rastafara said...

final fantasi??
aq suka tu gamenya

Ophand said...

penasaran neh sob... nyari ah... ;)

DollarHunter said...

nice info sob..

@ Coy said...

Cool banget....

apa panjang pedangnya sama seperti dalam Game dan muvienya?....

tripzibit said...

Keren bos, Final Fantasy is the best

RiP666 said...

hehe game nya keren bro ^^

slamat mencari bro weheheh'

wah thanks bro

@ @coy
biasanya sih sama bro ^^

iya sob,,,the best of the best

putra sigit said...

wah aq lom sempat liat aksinya nih.mantab

RiP666 said...

@putra sigit
hihihi saksikan di bioskop2 kesayangan anda :D

Final Fantasy said...


RiP666 said...

yooi cooi hehehe ^^

nationalinks said...

gue suka gambar2nya tapi klo maen bro beberapa kali nih

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