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Solid Snake - Tiger Stripe Camouflage

Have you ever played Metal Gear Solid series ? If you did, this figure would be best for you. Because the real Snake comes to 12 inch figure. It has many articulation to pose it like his act in the game. Taken from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, this figure is damn hot ^^>..

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the outstanding RAH figures of Medicom Toy Corporation. These fully articulated 1:6 scale figures are of the highest quality and detail, ready to take life on your shelf in any dynamic pose that you desire, capable of nearly any pose that the human body can achieve. From the acclaimed Metal Gear Solid video game series comes the RAH Solid Snake - Tiger Stripe Camouflage Version, an amazing addition to any display.

Solid Snake is combination spy, special agent, and mercenary. Working for special ops units FOXHOUND and Philanthropy, he must disarm and destroy Metal Gear, a nuclear mecha that returns time and time again in various destructive forms. Armed only with his wit and the weapons he acquires along the way, Solid Snake carries a hefty burden as he saves the world from nuclear annihilation in the Metal Gear Solid video game series.

Credit by Sideshow Collectibles


tripzibit said...

Keren, bro. Tp, game-nya gak pernah tamat.. hehe...Mendingan main Resident Evil n Fatal frame deh :D

RiP666 said...

hehehe...iya bro aku jg blm sempet ngelanjutin,,,
RE keren jg tuh, tp klo fatal frame ga sanggup aku hahaha, kasian jantung ku >_<"

anak nelayan said...

keren sob salam kenal

RiP666 said...

@anak nelayan
thanks sob...lam kenal jg ya ^^

Obrolan lepas said...

oh bicara GAME the hell in vetnam sama Code of Honor the French Foreign Legion guwe suka tuh

RiP666 said...

@obrolan lepas
wah aku blm nyobain tuh sob ^^

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

I would love to play that game. very entertaining ! ^_^

Seri said...

dulu biasa main metal gear ditelpon. yang ini belum pernah, apa sehebat metal gear.

itthai said...

keren sih..
tp aq lebih suka sm WC

RiP666 said...

sure it was,,hopes you enjoy the game^^

klo di ps3 lebih keren lagi lho,l ebih real ^^

WC apaan ya ??

Laston M Nainggolan said...

Nampaknya ripma ini hobby perang, he,,he.. Cocok tuh ke Ambalak, kwkwkwkkw

RiP666 said...

hehehe,, klo perang aku mah mandor aja ^^

Sigit said...

mantab tuh...

lanjut deh sob..hehehe

Opung said...

sepertinya hobi yang disalurkan ke blog. keren sob. thanks for sharing.

andie said...

game ini ak tersendat waktu lawan THE END sob!!!
MGS 3.
sulit banget yaks?

Kautsar said...

hheheheh....keren sob
mainan sekarang gak seberapa nampak lagi efek kartunnya keren rip

bunda azka said...

aq belum pernah tuh main game ini.
mklum..kurang suka maen game sih :D

Info Healthy said...

sob, guwe klo main game gak pernah tamat. gak jago nih. ada tips gak bos?

RiP666 said...

sip bro ^^

thanks sob ^^

hehehe iya sob, tp klo dah lewat puas lho apalagi klo tanpa cheat ato GS

iya bro, pihak pembuatnya dah berusaha keras untuk menyamai aslinya ^^

@bunda azka
hehehe klo sempet dicobain bunda ^^

@info healthy
ng....gmn ya, emang kadang gitu sob, apalagi kita mentok ada game baru yg keluar...klo saran aku sih coba cari hint & tipsnya di google biar bisa bantu2 dikit ^^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I think the toy will sure be as popular as the game. Seems like there will be more to come. Maybe different version of Snake and characters from the game.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi glad to be here again. happy Monday to you! ^_^ cheers! ^_^

RiP666 said...

I thought the same too ^^, actually there are more from this,, like the old snake on MGS 4 is more cool too

hi meryl...thanks for droping ^^, see u again

@ Coy said...

keren banget hehehe...

RiP666 said...

@ @coy
thanks bro ^^

kwangkxz said...

kalau lihat gambarnya kayak Toy soldier tuch !!

RiP666 said...

hehehe,,mirip yak

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