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Marvel Legend Galactus Series

I'm back with another awesome Marvel Series, it is time for Galactus series and it's official, Toy Biz is sure out to take all of my money. Series nine includes Professor X, Nightcrawler, Dr. Strange, War Machine, Deathlok, First Appearance Hulk (with green variant that has a different head sculpt) and Bullseye (with angry head and dirtier paint application). It is a nice selection of some more obscure characters. Oh, and there is a big, hungry, purple guy in there too.

The figures are all fairly well displayed. Deathlok and Nightcrawler are in rather unusual poses to accommodate the piece of Galactus that is hidden at the bottom of the bubble. It actually works well for Nightcrawler since his character is usually shown crouching or leaping. But it seems out of place for Deathlok. Less of the contents of the bubble are visible with the figures in this wave due to the large image of Galactus on the front of each package. But this is advantageous as it generally helps to hide the parts of Galactus. The comics make a nice background. The back of the cards has all of the usual information: character's ability profile, a brief bio and images of all the figures in the series, including Galactus and the variants.

Toy Biz finally seems to be getting the quality control of the paint work under control. The paint on all the figures turned out well. Marvel Legends continue to be some of the best articulated figures on the market today. The packaging lists each figure as having between thirty three and forty four points of articulation. But those numbers are actually a bit low since Toy Biz usually counts the shoulder and hip joints as just one joint when they are really two joints in one, a hinge and a rotating joint. Nightcrawler for instance is listed as having forty four points of articulation, but the truth is he has forty seven plus the bendy tail for a total of forty eight.

At last we come to the big guy, the planet eater, the devourer of worlds, Galactus. Each of the figures in the series comes with one piece of a Galactus figure.

* Professor X - head

* Deathlok - torso

* Nightcrawler - waist

* Dr Strange - right arm

* FA Hulk - left arm

* War Machine - right leg

* Bullseye - left leg

When the seven pieces of Galactus are assembled you get an awesome figure that stands almost sixteen inches tall (to the top of his helmet fins). Galactus is solid, or at least his limbs and head are. He has all of the standard articulation of a regular figure in his arms, neck and legs. But instead of the waist joint and torso hinge, Galactus has a triple jointed torso. The waist section has a peg sticking up which is mounted on a track to slide forward and backward. This peg connects to a piece in the bottom of the torso which is also mounted on a track.

But this time the track runs side to side. The third point of articulation comes from the ability of the peg to rotate even after it is inserted into the torso. Thanks to the ratcheting joints Galactus can hold a pose well, though his heft and the flexible skirt armor limit his poseability.

source by tmnttoys


Dana Telco said...

Want all of it, but it seems expensive.

genialbutuhsomay said...

wahhh keren banget nii.. ini semua akang punya di rumahnya?!??!?

Didiet said...

galactus tu raksasa ya rip..atau seukuran manusia

riRiN! said...

well ripp, no character i recognize,hahaha..

point of articulation apa sih ripp maksudnya?hehe..
oo,,semakin banyak articulation semakin bisa banyak gerak, semakin ok,ya? gitu?

RiP666 said...

@dana telco
same like me T-T

trims hehehe...sayangnya ga ada di rumahku ^^

iyup...galactus raksasa pemakan planet, majikannya silver surver, manusia mah seukuran telapak tangannya ^^

wiiih ririn..lama bgt ga maen ksini, kangen hehehe

nah you've got the point tuh, makin banyak articulation makin bagus tapi letoy karena kebanyakan wkwkwkwkkwkwk

KOPI Sastra said...

Waduhhh.... makin mantab saja blog ini.. keren2 banget..
terus semangat dalam mengoleksinya...

RiP666 said...

@kopi sastra
waah makasih bgt bro, tp masih jauh nih perjalananku hihihi

genial said... si akangnya termasuk kolektor freak juga gag?!?!?

o iy.. KP.. KP itu apa iia??!?!

RiP666 said...

ngg....termasuk ga ya?? mgkin sebatas kolektor gila aja kali ya wakakakakakaak....

KP = kerja praktek,,,hehe maklum anak kuliahan T-T

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

My favourite among all in this series is War Machine. Ha! Ha!

tripzibit said...

Bos, Hulk-nya kok ada dua macam?

RiP666 said...

hahaha war machines always great fans beside Iron man itself ^^

hehehe itu grey hulk bro ^^ tapi dua2 nya versi klasik smua

@ Coy said...

kayaknya bakal repot kalo harus beli semuanya hehe...
apa lagi modal kurang hehehe

RiP666 said...

@ @coy
whehehehe bener jg bro T-T

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