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Yotsuba DX Summer Vacation Set

Bubbly Yotsuba makes another excellent entry in Kaiyodo's Revoltech series, this time with all the gears and accessories she needs to enjoy an adventurous summer vacation! This deluxe set contains the 2007-released Revoltech Yotsuba Koiwai figure with a "Kodomo Usagi" imprint on her t-shirt, plus new facial expressions and additional accessories.
Featuring 18 points of articulation thanks to Revoltech joints in her neck, elbows, waist, and knees, Yotsuba can be set in just about any pose you can think of! She comes with three interchangeable facial expressions, seven optional hands, a left hand holding a cicada, hat, sling bag, bug box, butterfly net, chocolate ice cream, an optional 6mm Revoltech double joint for her waist, and a custom display base.
Let the bug-catching fun begin!

If you didn't know about her yet,,just a recent stories about yotsuba,,,
Yotsubato (spelled Yotsuba & !) is a heartwarming manga about the everyday adventures of a five year old girl named Yotsuba who often misunderstands things due to her naive nature.

She seems to come with losta interchangeable parts: 2 bags, a net, a cute hat and different faces.


elmo said...

ya ampun lutunaa siii! :D

masenchipz said...

i wnt say... she cute abizzz

ririn said...

hohoho... I don't know who she is,hehe

hm, with the attributes, she looks so cute. i began to think... how about carrying bug box and butterfly box wherever I go in the campus

I will be famous.. sooner,wakakak

Lyla said...

wah... lucu2 banget tuh...

RiP666 said...

@elmo & masenchipz & Lyla
jadi ga enak nih dipuji trus,,,ekkkhh bukan aku ya xp,,,hehe

woow,,,nice debut on university wkwkwkwkw

~~Devita~~ said...

cool!!! i like the figure... she is so cute!

Ngatini said...

i like it much!!!

Tips Blogspot said...

rio keren abis.. hobbi emang ga' bisa di ungkapin dengan kata2...

lucu bener.. tokohnya.. hmmmm

RiP666 said...

eh ada yg muji lagi nih,,,ekhh bukan aku kali ya >,<

boleh, dtg aja k rmh hehe


Anonymous said...

halo, kalo mau bli yotsuba yg summer itu dmn y? trims...
bales imel y...

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