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MG MS-06K Zaku Cannon

•JPN retail 4,500 JPY
•The Zaku Cannon, a classic MS Variation, joins the Master Grade series!
•Utilizes the Zaku II Ver. 2.0 frame, just as in the storyline, allowing for high posability.
•Cannon unit can be detached from backpack. Even the mounting point features accurate detail.
•Rocket launchers can be detached from the sides of the waist; Magazines can be detached as well.
•Includes "Normal" and "Rabbit" head variations.
•Includes markings for an even more realistic appearance.
•Includes Zaku machine gun, Zaku bazooka, and Heat Hawk axe.
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Games n Toys said...

This model comes with at least a dozen interchangeable parts (Beware, small children. Actually, I think most of them are too small to be choking hazards...). The covered vulcan cannons on the shoulders can be switched out for open ones, the Twin Buster Rifle's power packs detach and are replaced with a unified version when the Rifle is combined into its single unit, as are the grips, and it has at least eight hands to use for various combinations. The Beam Sabers can be stored in the rear wing joints, and they're slightly undersized and too glossy, in my opinion, but this is a small drawback. The blades are green. The rear wings are installed collapsed and can be expanded to their full size via insertable tabs (a feature I've never seen on a Wing Zero action figure before).

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