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Portrait of Pirates One Piece part 2

Here we go again with the rest Straw Hat Pirates crew members

Tony Tony. Chopper
Tiny of body and tremendous of heart, reindeer Tony Tony Chopper returns to MegaHouse's superb Portraits of Pirates line with this sharp new sculpt! Measuring about 10cm to the top of his hat, the doctor for the Straw Hat Pirates comes with a display stand, and is in scale with other figures in this hotly sought series.

Nico Robin
This high-quality PVC figure of Nico Robin is smooooth and shapely, and beautifully painted to show her at her best. A white cowboy hat is included for extra spice, and a purple display base is provided to help keep her upright.

Making his debut in MegaHouse's superb Portraits Of Pirates line, here's Franky, shipwright for the Straw Hat Pirates! About 22cm tall to the tip of his fierce forelock, this fantastically detailed PVC figure comes with his sunglasses, chain necklace, and two bottles of drink to help fuel his cyborg body. A display stand is also included.

The afro-haired skeleton of the Straw Hat Pirates will join the rest of the crew this December in MegaHouse's P.O.P. line!
The price has not yet been announced.


Ananto said... bener nico robinnya :D

RiP666 said...

hihihi emank tobh deh

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