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Blogger Buddy Award from Sunny

many thanks to Sunny for delivering me such a wonderful award for me...
i realy appreciated it...

You can get
Blogger Buddy code here

i'm tossing this award to :
1. Elmo
2. Mba' Nia
3. Final Fantasy Planet
4. Aphied
5. Rantaro


sunny said...

you're welcome buddy,keep on rockin! good luck

RiP666 said...

hoho many thanks to u

elmo said...

waaaaaa!!dikasih juga..makasii yak! hihi..happy blogging.. *ntar lah ya q posting* ^^

cheth said...

Hi, It's a really nice feeling to see the blog awards i created being used and appreciate by everyone. I just kept on following where this award has circulated and discovered it here :) hope to see you in my blog as well :)

RiP666 said...


wow thanks to you that made it ehehe

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