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Fuse TV: Slipknot Vs Britney Spears!!!


With our defeat of Disturbed last week we are one step closer to Best Video of 2008 on Fuse. This is going to be by far the toughest week of voting yet. We are up against Britney Spears in the semi-finals! We are going to have to work hard for this one, this is a battle of metal vs pop. Let's take her down and show the world that Slipknot can not be touched! We need everyone to get and out vote each and every day this week and make sure your friends know to go out and do the same! Let's win this one not just for Slipknot but for all of metal! Head to and make your voice heard!


Lyla said...

hwaa... ini lagi tambah seremmmm...

sunny said...

ahahaah! ill make a vote,lol! oops i did it again,lolz!

RiP666 said...

haha ayo di vote mba'...

please vote for slipknot haha

Ananto said...

wah kerenan slipknot deh :)

RiP666 said...

hehe tolong di vote ya bro

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