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Big Size Soft Vinyl Collection: Ryuk

back to our territory...
the shinigami that follow Light Yagami...An apple lover. that's Ryuk

An apple a day keeps Ryuk from experiencing withdrawal symptoms! Shinigami Ryuk from "Death Note" is captured with his limbs twisted like a pretzel as a result of not having eaten any apples. Measuring 50cm to the top of his elbow, this impressive soft vinyl figure is sharply sculpted and finished with shading and weathering effects that bring out all his eerie detail. A white-colored steel display base is provided to help keep him upright on display. Produced by Jun Planning and distributed by Taki Corporation.

ryuk's death note

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BloGendeng said...

wadooh yang ini serem. Lebih serem daripada postingan yg di bawahnya. Padahal kurus kecil lho..

RiP666 said...

wehehehe yg ini shinigami gitu bro, critanya klo ga mkn apel dia jadi aneh kyk gitu

Lyla said...

huuuaaaa deathnote aku pernah liat filmnya. yang jadi hantu ngeri bngt tuhh... tapi seru filmnya
ada versi lain dari film death note lhooo

RiP666 said...

hehehe iya lho mba'...seru bgt
ada yg kartun ama yg asli tuh

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