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Award From Tripzibit & Hopeful

pagi smua...
saatnya nyelesain pe-er berupa award yg dah dipending agak lama hehe

Wear Your Sweetest Smile Today

pertama dari Tripzibit nih
thnks bgt ya,,maap br bisa dikerjain skrg...^^v

Someday, everything will make perfect sense.
So laugh at the confusion...

smile through the tears...

keep reminding yourself
that everything happens for a purpose.

Something to make you smile:If you smile when no one is around,you really mean it.
Smile and be happy!

Blog Love Award

And this is from Hopeful
thanks so much my friend....

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo in your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
3. Pass this award to your BLOG LOVER Friends.
4. Add your link to the list of participants below.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

hehehehe 2 award ini mo di serahin ke :

1. ymut's
2. Ouw-keren
3. Irfan


Irfan Syahdana said...

di coba dulu, agak gak ngerti nih...

Irfan Syahdana said...

ajarin donk rip

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