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Blade 12 Inch

Blade is back. After defeating Deacon Frost and stopping the threat he posed to humanity, the Daywalker must team up with the same vampire council he intended to destroy and a team called the Blood Pack—a cadre of vampires trained to kill Blade. Why the unholy alliance? A new breed of vampires—the Reapers—has risen, horrific creatures who feed on both humans and vampires. Led by Nomak, the estranged son of Damaskinos—head of the vampire council—these monster are stronger, fiercer and more frightening than anything Blade has seen before.

Blade (Eric Brooks) is a fictional character, a superhero vampire hunter in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by writer Marv Wolfman and penciller Gene Colan, his first appearance was in the comic book The Tomb of Dracula #10 (July 1973) as a supporting character. The character went on to star or co-star in several comic book series as well as a film and television series. Actor Wesley Snipes portrayed the vampire hunter throughout the film series while Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones took on the role for the television series.

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you the latest in Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece Series, Blade from the blockbuster film 'Blade II'! The 1/6th scale BLADE collectible figure is the perfect addition to any Marvel fan's collection.

The Blade 12 inch Figure features:

* 32 points of articulation
* Lifelike head sculpt with Blade's signature tattoos at back
* Film-accurate costume including overcoat, black jacket, best, shirt, pants and boots
* Authentic Likeness of Wesley Snipes as BLADE
* Sunglasses
* Shoulder Holster
* Two (2) foldable glaives
* Two (2) extendable hand armors
* Sword with scabbard
* Interchangeable sword handle with blades
* Five (5) stakes
* Two (2) UV Bombs
* Machine Gun
* Two (2) Handguns
* Four (4) sets of interchangeable gloved hands
* Figure stand with Blade II movie logo and Blade nameplate

Well at least Wesley Snipe as Blade here looks like Mr. Tukul Arwana,, our popular host in Indonesia... =P

Credit by Sideshow Collectibles


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I did watch blade 2 but I did watch the first epic. What a cool vampire slayer, especially with the sunglasses and jacket.

Sigit Purwanto said...

kalau pas naik motor ane demen bgt tuh, demen ma motornya maksud ane..hehehe..

pagi yang cerah bro..

Ifoell said...

wah.. tatonya ana salut.... :-)

RiP666 said...

i'm sure Blade is still the coolest one vampire slayer ^^

hahahha,,mantab motornya

pagi yg cerah jg ^^

dibikin sedetail mungkin, sayang rambutnya ga asli hehehe

ello : LoversoiX said...

Wah, keren. Kok ada gambarnya tukul? keren variasi ajaib tuh, thanks udah kunjungin blog aku di postingan Blog, B3: Goloso Geloso

jangan lupa mampir terus!!!

wongapik said...

wah ternyata tukul itu blade versi indonesia ya..

RiP666 said...

hehehehe klo diliat2 emang mirip tukul
sama2 bro,,sering mampir ya

hahaha mr.tukul sang pemburu vampir

aphied said...

"Well at least Wesley Snipe as Blade here looks like Mr. Tukul Arwana"

bedaaa ah ripp. . .

KangJoko said...

kayanya jelmaan tukul ya? abiz mirip... he...2

@ Coy said...


klo q lihat mirip banget ama tukul hehhee....

mahen said...

mampir nih sobat, apa kabar...

subagya said...

wow.. its amazing.. blade in figure.. look like real

Visit Ambon said...

Thanks udah ngasih mampir ke blogku, komenmu di blogku lagi dibalas sama mas Christian Simamora (itu loh, editor penerbit gagasmedia dan penulis novel)

ello : LoversoiX said...

Waduh, kamu jadi bingung, maaf ye... Visit ambont tuh blognya gue yg laen, mau komen ke lo tp masih blum di sign out.
Cuma mw kasih tau, kalo komenmu tttg Goloso Geloso lagi dibalas sama Mas Christian Simamora (itu loh, editor penerbit GagasMedia dan penulis novel)
penasaran? Ayo ke blog aku!

RiP666 said...

hahaha beda ya,,mirip lah phied dikit2 =)

sama tuh model rambutnya :)

@ @coy
hehehehe iya tuh si tukul

halooo,,kbr baek sob ^^

yup, they made it very detailed ^^

@visit ambon
hhehehe sama2 bro,,segera ke TKP

hahaha asli bingung :)

Andie Gokil said...

mukanya serem. hahahaha. td kupikir beyblade, rupanya blade. hehehe.

willy said...

si blade ga berubah yahh seram banget mukanya

RiP666 said...

wkwkwkwkwk maniak gasing lu sob

hehehe maklum bro, vampir aja takut apalagi kita haha

riRiN! said...

wooo ripp,so long time since the last I visited you, kangen juga. hope you still remember me,hehehe

looking at the pict of blade, I think for a second. it looks like someone familiar, but who is?

1 sec, two sec,3,4,5.. till I was in the end of your post, em.. I think you are right,i know who's that someone now,hahaha

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