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Spider-Woman Legendary Scale Busts

I'm back folks... sorry for disappeared for more than a month. I'm busy at that time,, hopes that you didn't forgot about me and this blog ^^. Just gone with the wind,, I will share about a new stuff from Marvel. Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Comics proudly present the latest addition to the Marvel Legendary Scale Bust series: Spider-Woman. This outstanding bust meets the standard of excellence that is the hallmark of a Sideshow sculpture, hand-finished, hand-painted and cast in the highest quality polystone. Capturing the alluring arachnid superhero perfectly, the Spider-Woman Legendary Scale Bust is a perfect addition to any Spider-Man or Marvel collection!

When young Jessica Drew suffered uranium poisoning, her biologist father injected her with his untested spider serum and sealed her in a genetic accelerator. In stasis for decades, her aging greatly slowed, she awoke with no memories of her own past. Jessica sought human company in a nearby village where she accidentally killed her first lover with her new bioelectric powers. Fleeing a vengeful mob, she was rescued by Count Otto Vermis, who molded her into the terrorist organization Hydra's newest assassin. As Arachne, she fought S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, who revealed Vermis as a cold-blooded killer.

Jessica returned to England where Modred the Mystic helped her shake off Hydra's brainwashing. She also allied with the sorcerer Magus and eventually moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a bounty hunter alongside Scotty McDowell before Nick Fury helped her secure private investigator credentials. Later, Jessica and her friend Lindsay McCabe moved to Madripoor where they often teamed with Wolverine.

Jessica was drawn to New York when her powers were stolen by Doctor Octopus' Spider-Woman, and following her defeat, Jessica once more regained her uncanny abilities. She later worked as a double agent for Nick Fury, rejoining Hydra, and served with the Avengers in the aftermath of M-Day and allied with Captain America's anti-registration team and the unsanctioned Avengers following the Superhuman Registration Act.

Credit by Sideshow Collectibles


Ayas Tasli Wiguna said...

nah metu lagi mamang ini...

RiP666 said...

hahaha nimbul lagi setelah sekian lama

@ Coy said...

Sexy juga walu cuman Setengah badan hehehe,,,,,,

NGilang kemana ja Rip?....

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice post.
hello welcome back ^_^

patchris said...

really cool! :) I didn't know they sold busts...

KangJoko said...

wah ada ada juga ya spider-woman saya kiran cuma spider-man aja...

dah lama juga ga kesini makin mantab aja nih boz... :)

aphied said...

wow, awesome ripp. . .

ini ada filmnya g seh ripp ?

richamoody said...

emang ada spider girl jg??? still on comics???ato dah di filmin??

hmmmm penasaran!!!

Wahyu firmanto said...

Makin ada ada aja komik skarang..

sunny said...

hi this is kinda expensive, "winks"

RiP666 said...

@ @coy
hehehe ngilang ditelan kehidupan dunia nyata T-T

thanks ^^

sure they did

hehehe ada dunk kang,,^^

wohohoho blm ada phied, msh sbatas komik ^^

woman atuuh.. blm di pilemin =)

betul bro, buanyak bgt komiknya, kaga mudeng ^^


hi bro,,sure T-T

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