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Alter 1/60 ARX-7 Arvalest

Back again with the new stuff, today is for mecha action figure.... :D
Finally, fans of the popular anime series; Full Metal Panic’s ARX7 – Arbalest has been revealed. Coming from Alter and is set in 1/60 scale, it is slated to be release on May 2009 though just exactly on which month has yet to be announced. Click on ‘read more’ to see more images of the prototype model built by Alter.

Alter ARX-7 Arbalest from the anime Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid is a Generation 3 arm slave with an experimental Lambda Drive. In the story the Lamda drive gives supernatural abilty to the arm slave, making it a 1 man army.

Alter has replicate this iconic mecha from the series with very high detailed in 15cm or about 5 inch action figure.

Anyway the good news, is that Alter is still releasing the ARX-7 Arbalest on May. The bad news? Alter is still selling it at 13,440 Yen (inclusive of tax) and the typo error on the display base. Seems like Double’s fear is really coming true after all, where he first reported it on ‘What The Heck? ARX-7 Arvalest?‘ It’s definitely a bad news for us who are going to splash out 13,440Yen ( estimated to be around $126US dollars according to )on this baby. Let us all keep our fingers cross and hope that it’s a genuine mistake on Alter’s side and they’ll rectify this before they sell them to us.

source from Gunota


draxc0la said...

nice blog keep posting broo..

ZoomProfit said...

good for hobby my friend..

RiP666 said...

sep thanks ya ^^

wehehehehe thanks again sob :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Hey! Where's the weapon?

RiP666 said...

i forgot to put it LOL ^^
actually there is two big sword and a riffle if i don't mistaken

Irvan Wijaya said...

wah mantap sob gundam nya harganya berapa ya sob?

RiP666 said...

harganya agak mahal bro ga sebanding dengan figurenya yg cuma 12cm,, 7 digit dah T-T

@ Coy said...

cukup detail...

RiP666 said...

@ @coy
sippp :)

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